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eMazzanti Technologies provides comprehensive computer network services. These services form scalable solutions which address core business needs such as productivity, collaboration and organization. We create value through effective network management and support while leveraging existing hardware and software investments. We pride ourselves on our reliability, our adherence to high technical standards, our strong business experience, our practical results-oriented approach, and our dedication to the improvement of information technology.

Employee Focused Retention Program

eMazzanti has created a very successful internal marketing program aimed at retaining employees. For example, it provides employees with the latest hardware and software technology (often the newest beta test products), modern office facilities, a unique productivity dashboard to monitor personal, company and customer progress, and has established a vendor “care culture” to retain key support relationships with financial, legal, facilities and production vendors.

Here are some of the results we’ve been able to achieve:

Zero Employee Turnover Yields Double Digit Growth

Over the last four years, eMazzanti has had zero turnover in employees. This consistency not only validates the level of employee satisfaction but delivers a consistent level of service and satisfaction to its customer base as well. “Zero turnover has translated into double-digit growth for 2009 and the prior nine years we’ve been in business. Employee retention absolutely generates customer retention,” said Mazzanti. “It also creates ‘ownership’, the highest well-spring of employee satisfaction.”

Technology “Goodies” Skyrocket Employee Morale

“Technology oriented people love to have the newest technology at their fingertips. The relationships we’ve built with OEM gets the best-of-breed new products into the hands of both our employees and customers first. It’s a huge motivator to our tech team.”

Other capabilities and environmental factors that make up eMazzanti’s internal morale program includes the latest hardware and software; remodeled, open-office space which supports rapid collaboration, a  computer productivity dashboard that monitors job tickets, customer satisfaction, response time and other factors that keep personal, company and customer goals up close and personal.  Not only does each engineer have multiple computer monitors stacked (some have up to 8 screens) at workstations (more screens translates into higher productivity and enhances multi-tasking), but additional monitors are spread throughout office so employees can readily keep track of productivity stats and customer response times.

Vendor Engagement and Relationships Highly Valued

eMazzanti treats its vendors (printer, accountant, attorney, etc.) like its customers. “Happy vendors give us their best ideas and help us rapidly solve problems,” said Mazzanti. “In return we pay them on time, seek their counsel regularly and make sure they are getting what they need from us.” This culture of taking care of vendors isn’t possible unless eMazzanti employees have bought into customer care and overall productivity as well. “Great employees are the secret sauce of a successful business,” said Mazzanti.

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