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The never-ending battle to protect email communications from spam, viruses and other threats can be particularly draining on organizations with limited IT resources or email threat expertise. Businesses that rely on efficient email communications can turn to MXINSPECTSM for help in eliminating the email threats -that sap productivity, increase storage, bandwidth and administrative costs, and put their networks at risk.

The award-winning MXINSPECTSM Email Defense was developed to meet the needs of businesses that require an affordable, effective email security solution that is easy to administer and use, and that is automatically updated to protect against the latest threats.

  • Easy activation, administration and use
  • Affordable service packages designed to meet every budget
  • Effective multilayered defense against a wide range of email threats

Ease of administration through Web-based platform.

MXINSPECTSM makes its services effortless – from initial installation through final reporting. The service requires no integration or migration and can be activated in as soon as one business day. Using the MX Control Console, a secure, intuitive Web-based email threat management platform, administrators can effortlessly fine-tune email protection, establish group filtering policies, customize corporate policies, and stay abreast of message traffic flow and trends.

Advanced, layered technology to block spam.

Unlike traditional on-premises appliance and software products, our feature-rich, highly-reliable service leverages a multilayered strategy to successfully keep more than 99% of destructive messages out of the business environment. Primary to MXINSPECT‘s email defense effectiveness is its spam detection system, which utilizes a patented method of identifying and controlling spam using a voting algorithm based on a sophisticated form of intelligent reasoning to achieve more than 99 percent accuracy. Within the framework, the different spam filters separately assess and “vote” on the probability that a specific email is spam – a technique that results in highly-accurate threat protection with industry-leading low false positive rates (legitimate email misidentified as spam). Furthermore, as new spam-detection techniques and filters are developed, MXINSPECTSM can rapidly and seamlessly integrate them into the flexible framework.

Combination of protection from viruses, worms and other damaging threats

Through advanced content behavior analysis, MXINSPECTSM detection technology can identify and intercept zero-hour mass mailing worms before they enter or leave a corporate network. This technology is further strengthened by signature-based virus scanning from industry leaders, Authentium®, McAfee® and Sophos®. Additionally, MXINSPECTSM unique mail exchange (MX) record masking technique conceals mail servers from the public Internet to protect businesses from denial of service attacks, dictionary harvest attacks and mail bombs.

Sophisticated quarantine management reduces time and risk.

Once email is filtered, suspect messages are stored in a safe, external quarantine on the customers’ behalf – an off-site queue accessible by corporate IT departments, employees or both. If the customer chooses to allow its employees to manage their own quarantine, MXINSPECTSM sends a “Spam Quarantine Report” to the employees’ email in-box. Our effortless quarantine management allows end users to determine how items captured by the filter should be handled in the future.

Secure message delivery via Transport Layer Security (TLS)

Organizations that require a greater level of security for inbound and outbound email traffic can feel confident in MXINSPECT‘s Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. MXINSPECTSMaccepts and filters encrypted inbound and outbound messages and delivers them across a secure tunnel when recipients are TLS enabled. If a recipient is unable to receive a TLS encrypted tunnel, MXINSPECTSM will deliver the message via standard SMTP.



  • Blocks over 99 percent of spam
  • Suspect messages are deposited into an external quarantine for future handling if desired

MXINSPECTSM Virus and Worm Scanning

  • Worm detection technology, identifies and intercepts zero-hour mass mailing worms before they enter or leave a corporate network
  • Leverages leading third-party anti-virus engines from Authentium®, McAfee® and Sophos®

MXINSPECTSM Fraud Protection

  • Anti-spam rules automatically protect businesses from fraud and phishing scams
  • Around-the-clock monitoring provides proactive defense against the latest phishing attacks

MXINSPECTSM Content and Attachment Filtering

  • Automatic filtering identifies and blocks unwanted, inappropriate and malicious content in body copy and attachments before it enters or leaves your organization
  • HTML shield blocks intrusive spam beacons and web bugs

MXINSPECTSM Email Attack Protection

  • Unique MX record masking technique conceals email servers from the public Internet
  • Provides instant blocking of denial of service and other SMTP-based attacks

MXINSPECTSM Outbound Message Filtering

  • Protects corporate integrity by preventing distribution of sensitive or proprietary information
  • Option to add footer or disclaimer to all outbound messages

MXINSPECTSM Disaster Recovery Services

  • Message Continuity provides storage as well as Web-based email access, management and use during outages.
  • The Fail Safe Service provides convenient email storage during outages.


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