PCI Compliance

Companies accepting credit or debit cards in exchange for goods or services must already be in PCI DSS Compliance (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Any merchant that does not comply with PCI DSS is at risk of extensive fines from Visa and other card brand companies. To ensure PCI compliance, a merchant is now able to incorporate new technologies and to protect against the ever-changing ways of hacking personal data. Continuous auditing is required to retain the PCI DSS compliance status.

It is not only the large, brand-name companies that face malicious network attacks, smaller franchises and retailers are under constant threat of theft or damage as they typically do not maintain on-going investments in IT resources, cardholder data monitoring and preventative network security solutions.

Don’t leave PCI DSS Compliance to chance risking a security breach and heavy fines from the credit card companies. eMazzanti Technologies can secure your network and help you become and maintain PCI DSS compliance.

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