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Do you want a computer repairman or a network consultant that has industry-standard, OEM-based IT certifications? The difference between adequate and expert is training and knowledge. It’s particularly true when it comes your computer network. eMazzanti can deliver the best solutions because of its commitment to verifiable expertise.

  • IT Certifications from OEM’s—eMazzanti Technologies does IT support do best because we are extremely well-trained. In fact, the we hold over 75 separate Microsoft, HP, WatchGuard and other OEM certifications. In addition, we hold Expert Partner or Gold Certified Partner status for every OEM software or hardware product provides to our customers.
  • Training—eMazzanti Technologies makes it mandatory for its IT support engineers to complete over 100 hours of technical training each year. It helps insure the highest standards in IT support.
  • Employee Retention—Keeping our best engineers around means we deliver the best expertise around. We work hard at hiring, training, measuring and keeping the best and the brightest IT support engineers in the country. In fact, we’ve only had two employees leave in 10 years. In a word, we’re: Picky.

And, we’re just as picky about who works for us as who works for you.

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