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Windows 8: Four Great Ways to Get More Information

Windows 8: Whether you’re using Win7, Vista or Windows XP operating systems, the time may be right for you and your business to look into Microsoft’s next new operating system, Windows 8. It’s now available for demo but not yet released to the public.

Preview Windows 8:

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See How the Windows 8 experience was used to improve productivity at Shinola Products in our Shinola Windows 8 Case Study here:

Windows 8 Videos

Helping Shinola Revive Industry in America.

Microsoft Windows 8 & eMazzanti Technologies help save Shinola Time and Money with the improved business productivity features of Microsoft Windows 8. Shinola is a design and manufacturing company with operations in Detroit, Michigan that hopes to reinvigorate the manufacturing industry in the United States. eMazzanti Technologies is all about delivering powerful solutions in a variety of Outsourced IT services, such as cloud computing, managed printing services, PCI DSS compliance, computer network management, network troubleshooting, business continuity and disaster recovery, green computing, mobile workforce technology, information security, cloud computing, cloud computing services, and business information optimization in the most efficient manner possible.

Today’s workforce is not bound by walls. At eMazzanti Technologies, we work with many organizations that need to support mobile productivity and security, while also wanting to streamline IT management and costs.

More mobility. More productivity.

With virtualized applications and roaming user profiles, Windows 7 helps people get more done from wherever they are. Users can log in from any qualifying computer and immediately see their personal settings, programs, and data—which means they can start working quickly, without needing to transfer files, get up to speed on a new interface, or call the help desk.

Streamlined IT.

At the same time, IT can manage all these “virtual desktops” efficiently with System Center Configuration Manager, and help secure them with Forefront Endpoint Protection. When desktops are hosted in the data center, it’s simpler to manage and secure data and applications—for both mobile and desk-bound workers. And with streamlined management, IT infrastructure can be more reliable and cost-effective.

To get more information on the productivity and cost benefits of the Windows Optimized Desktop, please contact eMazzanti Technologies to get Windows 8 Technology today

Windows 8 Audio

Windows 8 screen shots

Windows 8 Tablet Docked on Desktop

Windows 8 Desktop

New Windows 8 Start Screen

A new tile-based Start screen delivers customizable full-screen view of apps and notifications in an evolutionary Touch-First interface called Metro style.

Windows 8 has Easier file navigation

Effortless movement between your files and Windows 8 programs and Windows 8 apps improves productivity.

Windows 8 Keyboard with optional touch

A full-featured keyword provides optional touch-input.

Windows 8 Split Keyboard

With a novel, split keyboard, users can thumb-type more efficiently.

Windows 8 Internet Explorer 10

The new IE 10 version of Microsoft’s browser will add tighter integration to Internet access and accelerate productivity.

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