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Cyber Attacks are on the Rise!

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Your business relies on technology in a thousand different ways. If something goes wrong – You have been Hacked – a loss of Productivity, Reputation and Revenue will happen. Don’t leave your business and your customers at risk!


The average cost of a Cyber Attack in 2020


The average cost in time of a malware attack


A business fall victim to a ransomware attack


Is the damage Cybercrime is projected to hit in 2025

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Our Services

360° Cyber Security

Keep your Company’s most sensitive data safe! Our expert consultation and crisis control programs ensure all your security applications are up to date, your emails protected, and your data is encrypted—all while monitoring your network round the clock for suspicious activity.

Company Data Protection

Small businesses make attractive targets because they underinvest in Cyber Security Services. Customer names, email addresses, credit card information, bank, accounts and trade secrets all represent revenue opportunities for cyber-criminals. On the Dark Web, they buy and sell your data—unless you take steps to protect it.

Security and Compliance

All business owners must protect critical customer data and business assets from cyber-crimes. Proactive, 24/7 Cyber Security Services from eMazzanti and next-generation firewall appliances designed for businesses block the threats. Cloud-delivered network security and web filtering from eMazzanti protects any device, anywhere.

Communication Protection

To build confidence with customers, take steps to ensure that your marketing and sales communications are not blocked as spam. More importantly, ransomware and other attacks often destroy a business or reputation. eMazzanti offers effective Cyber Security Services to ensure email deliverability and email protection to stop inbound malicious email content.

Dark Web Monitoring

Digital credentials connect you and your employees to online services and critical business applications. Criminals know this and offer stolen usernames and passwords for sale on the Dark Web. When your employees use their work email on third party websites, it makes your business vulnerable to a breach. eCare Dark Web Monitoring helps to keep you out of the dark web.

Workforce Security

With the recent growth of Work from Home, it is vital that you protect your employees. Are you prepared to prevent data leaks and unauthorized access when employees use their devices for work? Enabling the right Cyber Security Services provides you with the peace of mind that your staff is working securely and only have access to the right data at the right time.

And much more…

We offer a comprehensive suite of technology tools and security awareness training to help your organization succeed.

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“eMazzanti’s highly professional monitoring and support give me one less thing to worry about knowing that my people can always work, and my information is safe.”

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“If disaster strikes, instead of our business being disabled for three to five days, we can be running again in minutes, with maximum data loss of less than 30 seconds.”

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