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Cyber Security Workshop Series 2.0

Session 1: Hackers Never Take a Summer Vacation –
Wi-Fi Exposure Can be Your Greatest Risk. 

August 17, 2021 11:00 AM EST

About the Workshop:

Wi-fi is the largest surface for hackers today. If left unsecured, it provides Hackers with a rich environment for an attack. Hackers have always used disasters such as tsunamis and earthquakes, and high-profile events around the world to prey on victims, and this global pandemic is NO exception.

Your responsibility is to keep your users safe both inside and outside of the office.

Don’t fall victim to the common Wi-Fi mistakes. Every organization expects access to Wi-Fi at all times, but delivering a powerful and secure solution is easier said than done. Wi-fi is one of the single most heard complaints by users.

In this executive briefing session, you will learn the six known Wi-Fi threats and how they can easily compromise your network.  In addition, you will also learn how to build hybrid environments to accommodate the back-to-work and work from home paradigm that are trusted and secure. Protecting your network from these bad actors and six significant types of attacks will allow your team to sleep at night.

As the key presenter in this briefing, Ryan Poutrie from Watchguard, who has market ownership of the Wi-Fi product line will be presenting and advising with recommendations and insights about the market and your organization.

For attending the session, you will receive a whitepaper that will show you what you need to test your access point’s security for the six known Wi-Fi threat categories.


Ryan Poutre 2

Ryan Poutre

Ryan Poutre is the Market Owner for WatchGuard Technologies Wi-Fi Portfolio. Ryan has centered his network career around security for the past 10 years focusing on perimeter and wireless security. Ryan has a unique background coming from a WatchGuard Gold Partner in Iowa. 

Ryan starting his career at WatchGuard as the North Central Sales Engineer based out of Minneapolis in Jan 2015. As a Sales Engineer Ryan worked closely with WatchGuard Partners to design and sell solutions that fit their customers security needs. Since then, Ryan shifted his role over in Jan 2021 to the Product Management Team focusing on WatchGuard’s Wi-Fi platform and Watchguards Firewall hardware platform.  

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