3 Green Computing Practices to Adopt this Summer

Maybe it’s the warm weather or perhaps it is the verdant views, but there’s something about summer that renews our appreciation for nature’s bounty. That’s why it’s the perfect time for businesses to consider ways they can give back to Mother Nature and help preserve our beautiful planet. One cost-effective solution? Green computing.

Green computing is the practice of using technological devices in an environmentally responsible way. A growing number of businesses are relying on it to lower their technological footprint and decrease their operational costs to boot. It’s time your company joined the movement. If you’re unsure where to begin, read on. eMazzanti has a few green computing practices you can start this summer.


  1. Take the Night Off

Adopting green computing practices is a worthwhile adjustment, but an adjustment all the same. A great place to start is by shutting off your company computers each night.

Researchers estimate that businesses waste billions of dollars in energy  by leaving PCs on overnight. Remind employees to power-off before they head out. It’s an excellent way to conserve energy, reduce costs, and ease your office into green computing.


  1. Rethink Your Work from Home Policy

It takes a lot of electricity, heat, and air conditioning to maintain traditional Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 office hours. Add this to the gasoline emitted during your employees’ daily commutes and it is easy to see why Earth’s resources are rapidly depleting.

An impactful and economical way to conduct eco-friendly business is to encourage employees to work from home. Cloud-based platforms, such as Microsoft Office 365, allow you to embrace a more lenient work from home policy, without suffering a dip in productivity. The cloud empowers employees to collaborate on projects from any location or device. Make edits, offer feedback, and watch it all unfold in real-time while saving money on travel reimbursements, snacks, and other expenses of a bygone era.


  1. Automate Paper-Based Processes

We’ve all gotten paper cuts. Turn the tables this summer and be the one that cuts paper—for good . Corporate paper consumption is destroying Earth’s forests. Take advantage of the wealth of automation technology at your disposal and move away from this harmful reliance on paper.

Instead of cutting checks, pay employees via direct deposit. Instead of printing a document and placing it on your employee’s desk, store the document in the cloud and email your employee the link. Automating paper-based processes is not only environmentally responsible, it’s fiscally sound. Digitizing operations can save you thousands of dollars on printer ink per year.

Shutting-down, closing shop, and cutting paper are three green computing practices that can protect the ozone layer as well as your bottom line this summer.

Ready to go green? Contact eMazzanti. We’ll help you draft a blueprint for your green computing plan.