Why Hackers Want Access to Your Email—and How to Keep It Secure

Most people are quick to agree about the importance of cybersecurity when discussing their bank accounts, tax info, or business files. But when it comes to securing personal and business email accounts, many companies still leave themselves open to unnecessary risk by neglecting to take the same precautions.

Keeping your email accounts safe from hackers, spam, and cyber attacks can sometimes seem like a secondary concern, but in this day and age, the email account is the crown jewel of any hackers haul. Cybercriminals are well aware that your email is a goldmine of sensitive and valuable data, and they’re only getting smarter about gaining access. Here’s what they’re looking for—and what you can do about it.

What’s so Valuable About Your Email Account Anyway?

Chances are, if you examine your email account more closely, a treasure trove of information exists within. Bank or credit details, passport and ID numbers, passwords to other accounts, and even sensitive personal information—these are just some of the things floating around in your inbox. Even more concerning, all these disconnected pieces of confidential information are conveniently sitting in the same place.

And it’s not just hackers you have to worry about. Spammers, while seemingly less worrisome, also aggressively seek to gain access to your email account—after all, it contains a vast list of contacts to bombard with spam and phishing messages. With your name at the front of these messages, your contacts are more likely to fall for the scams. Even a small hack like this can cause hours of headaches and immeasurable personal and professional embarrassment.

Keeping Cybercriminals Out and Your Email Secure

So how can you up your defenses and lock down your personal and business email accounts? Having a strong and unique password is the most obvious first line of defense—so if you’re using the same password for everything, now is the time to get creative.

Enabling 2-step verification can also help, as this adds another small layer of protection by requiring a code be sent to your phone via text, call, or a mobile app every time someone logs into your account. But these measures alone are often not enough to keep your accounts completely safe from an attack.

At eMazzanti, we offer a range of comprehensive and cost-effective security services to protect your email, network, and other assets from cyber attacks. With round-the-clock email system administration, monitoring, and management, you can rest easily knowing your most sensitive data is in safe hands. We keep a close eye on the latest threats and update your software for you so you’ve always got the most complete and up-to-date protection available.

Don’t let the hackers take hold. To find out more about email security services from eMazzanti, get in touch today.