How Retail Businesses Can Harness the Power of Social Media

In retail, having a Facebook profile doesn’t equate to “killing it” in social. At the bare minimum, prominently displaying your contact information, website URL, store hours, etc. is necessary to give potential customers the information they’re searching for—but your social media profiles can do so much more.

Why relegate your online presence to a matter of fact Yellow Pages listing, when social is your opportunity to shine?

Make a splash with social strategy

Social media posts are your chance to communicate directly with your audience. Make it fun, attention-grabbing, and on brand—to ensure your most critical messages are highly accessible to people.

Sure, an eloquent brand manifesto on your site’s about page can provide great background and focus on your mission. But regular social media content can be more expressive of that mission in the long run, refining your communication organically and keeping your brand in tune with the changing marketplace.

Frequent posting helps increase and maintain brand awareness, and analytics teach you about audience desires and interests in real time. By aligning your brand’s attributes to current events and trending topics, your business can take advantage of active public discussions to capture attention without paid advertising.

Create community around brand goals

By focusing your social media strategy on your brand’s value, you build a space for meaningful interaction with consumers—similar to how successful brick-and-mortar retailers function as community centers.

Initiating and facilitating discussion brings people together around a topic that you choose, creating real connections that drive business: through personal product recommendations and the like. And this leads to significantly higher sales numbers.

Strengthen customer service

When people have a problem with a product or service, their first stop is often social media—to vent, complain, and voice their opinions. While making your business vulnerable to public ridicule may seem terrifying, you can boost your reputation by prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Handle unhappy patrons with grace, and they are likely to share their positive experience with their friends (and their “friends”). By humanizing the customer journey, you not only increase the likelihood of repeat business—you attract new customers to try for themselves.

With your social media strategy in hand, you can focus your efforts on providing the same high-quality experience in person. Need to upgrade your in-store retail technology? Contact us today to see how we can help.

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