Should your retail business use a mobile POS system?

Aside from your inventory, the point of sale is the most critical piece of your store—and mobile POS systems have improved the management of transactions for countless retail and food service businesses. By harnessing the convenience of mobile devices and the power of connected software, a cloud-based system can seem like a logical replacement for legacy POS equipment and services. But depending on the type and size of your business, a mobile POS may or may not be the ideal payment solution.

Pro: Mobile = Mobility

Perhaps the most appealing feature of mobile POS systems is right in the name—its mobility. Mobile POS frees you from the complex array of equipment that makes up a traditional desktop-based point of sale setup. By offering a system compatible with smartphones and tablets, your store has less overall computer hardware to manage. WiFi and cellular-connected mobile devices take up less physical space and allow employees to meet customers on the retail floor, or at their tables.

Pro: Cloud Functionality

Beyond the physical versatility offered by a mobile point of sale, the software experience is often superior to its desktop counterpart. Cloud functionality lets you keep tabs on payment data in real time from anywhere. And since all of your data is stored remotely, integrating new services, upgrading security technology, and replacing equipment is significantly less complex than with desktop systems.

Pro: One Monthly Subscription Fee

Additionally, mobile POS service providers can also cut costs. Instead of steep installation and maintenance costs, most services bundle everything into a single monthly subscription fee.

Con: Reliance on Service Providers

Despite implementing forward-thinking tech, mobile POS systems have some drawbacks. By putting all your trust in your service provider, you inherently forfeit some control over your transactions. If your cloud POS system goes down, you may not be able to process payments until service is restored. It can also be more difficult to troubleshoot issues with customer service, since they don’t directly handle devices and installation. If you have a high volume of customers, per-charge fees can end up costing you more in the long run.

Although smartphones and tablets offer unparalleled mobility, they depend on suitable wireless network infrastructure to function properly. If the location of your business has limited WiFi or cellular coverage, you risk having an unreliable system when your connection fails.

Whether your business is looking to embrace the simplicity of a mobile system, or opt for the self-managed agency provided by a conventional desktop setup, eMazzanti will configure your POS from start to finish.  With our experience we’ll ensure that you get the right point of sale system to match the needs of your business. Contact us today!