3 Solutions to Keep Your Business while You’re on the Beach

Running a small business is hard work! Good thing you have a well-deserved summer vacation to look forward to. But the eMazzanti team works with enough small business owners to know that it will be difficult for you to leave your company behind, no matter how excited you are to go away. Even with your toes buried in the sand and your fingers curled around a fruity cocktail, you always find your mind wandering back to the office.

We don’t want you to trip on your trip! eMazzanti offers three solutions to ensure that no matter how far your travels take you, they never take you out of the loop at work.

  1. Cloud-Powered Collaboration

We hope that you enjoy perfect weather for the entirety of your vacation. That said, there is one type of cloud that you’ll want to follow you around.

Of course, we’re referring to the cloud. The cloud is a secure, accessible data storage option that empowers you to watch and work with employees in real time. See who is working on which project and when. Offer input and make edits from every device and any location. eMazzanti will migrate your company data to the cloud, so that you can benefit from a bird’s eye view while making your yearly migration.

  1. Cross-Device Calendar Access

Microsoft Office 365 is one such cloud-powered management platform. Among many other capabilities, Office 365 features cross-device calendar integration—an invaluable tool for keeping tabs on what’s going on at the office while you’re away.

Make use of the platform’s cross-device calendar integration feature and maintain your spot at the conference table from the cabana. Automated alerts remind you when meetings are held and projects are due, so that you know when to check-in and follow-up. With Office 365, you won’t forget to call your sales rep on Tuesday at 2 PM to see if that day’s 12:30 PM lunch meeting ended with a deal.

  1. Responsive Website Design

 In today’s world, few things impact your small business’ success like the quality of your company website and responsive design is the gold standard. In addition to boosting SEO and driving conversions, responsive website design means that you can accurately assess your site’s condition from your tablet or even your smartphone. That’s right—carry-on restrictions may prevent you from bringing your 25-inch laptop on the plane, but they won’t prevent you from correctly gauging the quality of your responsive website at the resort.

On a responsive website, load times, blog post images, and landing page fonts adjust to the visitor’s device. View your website as the average mobile-equipped user and guarantee that visitors are having as great of an experience on your site as you are at the all-inclusive resort.

A small business owner may take a vacation, but they never take a break. If your travels for pleasure inevitably involve a little business, eMazzanti can help. We will migrate your company data to the cloud, sync your work calendar across all of your devices, and build you a fully responsive website, so that your understanding of what’s going on at the office is as clear as the water at your vacation destination.

Contact our small business tech experts and ensure you have an amazing vacation. You deserve it!

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