Three More Reasons to Adopt Office 365

The Godfather Part II. The remix to “Ignition”. Some sequels are just as important as the first installment. This blog post is one of them.

Last time, we gave you three great reasons why your small business should employ Office 365. Though truthful, the list was far from complete. Indeed, the Microsoft platform’s benefits are too vast to be contained by one list. Presenting 3 more reasons to adopt Office 365.

  1. Ease of Use

In our last post on Office 365, we covered how the platform protects your data, promotes collaboration, and otherwise positively impacts the many moving parts of a small business. For such a complex platform, Office 365 is refreshingly simple to use.

From presenting a PowerPoint to their high school class to typing an entry level résumé in Word, a good portion of today’s workforce has grown-up using Microsoft Office suite, of which 365 is an extension.

Even without that foundational familiarity, employees will appreciate Office 365’s intuitive navigation. Pair the platform’s out-of-the-box usability with eMazzanti’s 24/7 tech support services and avoid the costly learning curve that often makes small business owners, like yourself, understandably hesitant to adopt new software.

  1. Cloud-Based Solutions

As a small business owner, you and your team are constantly networking, trying to fill your database with potential partners and clients. You never know when or where you will need to reach them. Keep them close with cloud-powered Office 365!

On the platform, you can update a contact on your mobile phone and trust that it has synced with your calendar, email and contacts list on other devices. Confronted with a vagu9ely familiar face, you’ll never have to wonder, “Where did I save their number?” The answer is “everywhere”. (As for “Where do I know them from?”—you’re on your own!)

  1. Web Design Capabilities

Office 365 doesn’t just help you work smarter, it helps you look better too!

Nothing will impress your flawlessly managed contacts more than a unique website. That’s right—in addition to all of the above, Office 365 includes custom website design tools to help you look as well as you operate.

Boasting an intuitive design, cloud-powered contact sync, and web creation capabilities, Office 365 certainly lives up to its name—covering all bases of your business, every single day.

Microsoft Office 365 offers a wealth of benefits for small business. Contact eMazzanti and start reaping them today.

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