Business Continuity – Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity Disaster Recovery

What’s the first question your friend asks when your computer crashes? Did you backup, right? If you did, it’s a major celebration. If you didn’t, it’s a funeral service. A single computer crash is one level of inconvenience, while a whole business network crash can have an epic impact on your business’s ability to survive.

The implementation of a Business Continuity-Disaster Recovery, part of the eCare suite of services from eMazzanti is how your organization regains access to its data and communications after a natural or human-induced disaster. The importance of protecting your irreplaceable data should take top priority and is a pillar of eCare family of services.

Of companies that had a major loss of computerized data:

  • 43% never reopen
  • 51% close within two years
  • Only 6% will survive long-term.

Everything comes together in our onsite eCare Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery NAS device to produce 15-minute incremental snapshots that safely reside within the device and are ready to be used to restore a file, a file folder, an email, or a database… all within a few minutes.

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