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Managing the network infrastructure for any organization is hardly an “easy A,” and educational institutions are certainly no exception. But with our solutions that address the critical network challenges they face today, educational institutions get – and keep – high marks in security.

A Master Class in IT Security

Combining a user base of students and faculty spread over a large campus, connecting over wired and wireless networks – all while maintaining adequate controls for a safe Internet experience – is no small feat.

No other environment tests its IT infrastructure more in terms of both performance and security than in education.

Making the Grade

Thankfully, eMazzanti Technologies helps institutions make the grade every day.

Architected to be the industry’s smartest, fastest, and most effective network security products, our solutions address key challenges faced by education today: from achieving and maintaining compliance standards, to securing the explosive BYOD movement.

With eMazzanti, educational institutions get – and keep – high marks in security.

Cyber Security Solutions For Education 2

What Are the Top Challenges in Education Network Security?

Maintaining Compliance and Accreditation

Compliance Privacy Security Education It Solutions

Achieving regulatory compliance is not unlike an exam that never ends – but the stakes are much higher and there’s no multiple-choice options.

As new technologies and online resources are integrated into learning programs, concerns around student privacy and security naturally arise.

As such, educational facilities around the world are required to meet local or national Internet safety regulations, or face significant financial consequences.


Conduct a Security Assessment
Filter Content
Monitor Access

Securing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Securing Byod Education Cyber Security

BYOD programs offer myriad benefits. Students and teachers are more comfortable using their own devices and therefore more productive. School BYOD programs also breed greater device longevity (as students are more likely to care for their own equipment,) increased student collaboration and organization, and significant cost savings.

But there are many security and privacy concerns with students having uninterrupted access to their devices – after all, BYOD has coined a copycat term: Bring Your Own Risk.


Establish Acceptable Usage Policies
Implement Secure Wi-Fi Solutions

Funding for Cyber Security

Funding For Cyber Security Nj Ny

Cyber criminals are well aware that network defenses in education are often limited and ransoms are more likely to be paid. After all – schools cannot function without access to their data.

The implications of such attacks on schools can result in major financial losses, stolen data, hardware rendered useless and educational institutions faced with prosecution or even lawsuits. In many cases, schools have been forced to turn students away while they work to resolve the issue and bring their systems back online.


PTA Fundraising

Keeping Pace with Evolving Resources

Smartboards Edtech Education It Solutions

New EdTech (educational technology) is emerging every day, enabling both more engaged students and more effective teaching methods.

Connected tools like Smartboards have become wildly popular for schoolroom settings, marrying digital technology with a classic whiteboard format, projecting computer images onto the board. Though certainly exciting, EdTech’s ever-expanding reach introduces significant challenges, not least around network overload and user management.


Network Segmentation
Wireless Site Survey
Application Filtering

Microsoft Education Solutions

Affordable, reliable, and secure technology that allows for maximum impact on teaching and learning with less burden on IT to help you reach your goal of better learning outcomes for students.

Every educator wants to see their students succeed in learning and in life. We provide technology to create inclusive, student-centered classrooms and learning opportunities for all learners.

Tools to help meet the needs of every student

Microsoft Teams Education Ny It Support

Microsoft Teams

Let students, faculty, educators, and staff meet, collaborate, create, and share resources with the simple, accessible power of Teams.

Microsoft 365 Education Ny It Support

Microsoft 365 Education

Unlock creativity, promote teamwork, and provide a simple, safe experience—all in a single, affordable solution for education.

Zero Touch Deployment

eMazzanti is a proud Microsoft Gold Partner with the resources to help schools take advantage of Microsoft Office for Education at this critical time.

With Zero Touch Deployment, we supply a combined solution of Microsoft hardware and software. Devices can be shipped to students ready to use out of the box, reducing deployment time to zero, thanks to Windows Autopilot.

Our team will work with yours to create IT infrastructure that bars devices not sanctioned and programmed by your school from accessing your network.

You’re in the driver’s seat from here. As the semester rolls on, school administrators can remotely manage policies, profiles, and apps for optimal security.

Zero Touch Deployment Education Nj It Support

Empower students and educators to achieve more!

Email Security & Security Awareness

Each new semester brings new targets and threats

Every semester new students receive their new college email address—this means more email addresses for attackers to target.

Even today, most cyber attacks still start with phishing emails because their tactics continue to evolve and work. Our advanced email security solutions can protect against all types of email-based threats and help you stop cyber threats before they reach your people.

We provide enterprise-level security awareness training. What’s more, it’s customized for your needs. It helps you reduce successful phishing attacks and malware infections. And it turns your users into a strong last line of defense!

Cyber Security Solutions For Education
Opra Requests

OPRA, is a statute that provides a right to the public to access certain public records in the State of New Jersey, as well as is the process by which that right may be exercised can be a cumbersome and time consuming. Identifying key data which typically exists in silos and consolidating it, is a daunting process. The time restriction on responding is seven days. This puts pressure on the municipality to manage and retrieve many sources of unstructured data to be able to respond to citizen requests.

Let eMazzanti and our Compliance team help you sort through your data and implement effective eDiscovery tools to support your Opra process.

Important Credentials

Certificate Number  – 70493-10

Certificate Number  – A0112-14

FRN Number – 0022490155
SPIN Number / 498 ID Number – 143027854   CJIS Compliant
V-Number – V00010010

GSA Schedule 70

GSA Schedule 58I

Education Case Studies

Hudson Catholic Regional High School

Bringing the Curriculum Alive at Hudson Catholic Regional High School. Learn how eMazzanti  has given the teachers and students at Hudson Catholic Regional High School the tools needed to bring to life the 21st century teaching model.

Andover Regional School District

The Andover Regional School District was in need of technology assistance – eMazzanti Technologies delivered. Using WatchGuard’s firewalls, eMazzanti was able to implement website filtering using WebBlocker as well as high availability and policy based routing.

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eMazzanti Technologies has been supporting schools for over 20 years.
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Whether to safeguard against data loss, or creating custom software applications, we offer the comprehensive IT solutions you need to streamline your business and ensure your organization is always running at its full potential.

Our certified team of engineers will help you cut down on costs and resource drains, protect your assets, and reduce—if not eliminate—the day-to-day problems that can slow down your business. 

Bring your school into the modern world with innovative solutions that will reform your school!

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