Zero Touch Deployment

Zero Touch Deployment: The Perfect System for Schools Facing COVID-19

Shaking hands upon introduction. Holding a menu at a restaurant. Many touches you regularly performed pre-COVID-19 now seem like an unnecessary risk.

We can relate. We feel this way about traditional software deployment. In a traditional deployment, eMazzanti’s specialists work with members of the client organization to log into a device and configure all software, custom settings and security measures. We then test that all systems are go, often with the help of the end user, before moving onto the next device. While we are known for our efficiency and commitment to minimizing downtime, we recommend that clients seeking to update the software on a high volume of devices opt for a solution that accomplishes these steps en masse. That’s why we recommend Zero Touch Deployment for schools embracing virtual learning in the Fall 2020 semester.

How Zero Touch Deployment Works

eMazzanti is a proud Microsoft Gold Partner with the resources to help schools take advantage of Microsoft Office for Education at this critical time. With Zero Touch Deployment, we supply a combined solution of Microsoft hardware and software. Devices can be shipped to students ready to use out of the box, reducing deployment time to zero, thanks to Windows Autopilot.

Our team will work with yours to create IT infrastructure that bars devices not sanctioned and programmed by your school from accessing your network.

You’re in the driver’s seat from here. As the semester rolls on, school administrators can remotely manage policies, profiles, and apps for optimal security.

Keep Your School Uniform

From Microsoft Teams (click here to download a handy guide to Microsoft Teams for Education) to Microsoft Translator, Zero Touch Deployment ensures that students have secure and uniform access to all of the Microsoft Office for Education tools they need to succeed this semester.

Zero Touch Deployment allows schools to quickly and securely deploy devices, reducing operational downtime to ensure that students don’t miss a beat on the march to the virtual classroom. Educators: learn the benefits firsthand. Contact eMazzanti to begin.



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