Demystifying Cyber Security for SMBs

WatchGuard Master Class Series


Director of Security Operations

In this 3-part Master Class Series we will discuss the strategies and tools that are important for SMB Cyber Security protection as the threat landscape grows.

With AI accelerating the pace of the attack front, the time is NOW to look at ways to keep your organization safe.

Each session will be led by the Director of Security Operations from WatchGuard and a Senior Security Solutions Architect from our eMazzanti InfoSec Team.

Demystifying Cyber Security for SMBs


Total Security Suite

Take the Entry level step into Total Cyber Security Protection

Thursday, January 25

12:00 PM – 01:00 PM EST

Today, SMB’s are ripe targets for Hackers

In this Master Class you will receive a powerful and detailed view of the current market threats, and how AI is accelerating the attack surface. The session will include a live enactment of an actual next generation AI attack and how Basic Security is no longer enough.

This session will address the tall orders that SMBs are up against to protect their infrastructure.  Very often, these threats take the form of silent thunder. You will not know these attacks are taking place until they are inside your organization, and it is too late.

The WatchGuard Total Security Suite is an affordable entry level step into being cybersafe for SMB’s. It allows for running your business with important layers of oversight and protection.

With the ability to monitor, report, and review existing exposure and what opportunities exist for hackers to take down your network, you can adapt quickly and prevent catastrophic events.

Presenter: Marc Laliberte


Endpoint Security

Your Antivirus is no longer enough protection

Thursday, February 22

12:00 PM – 01:00 PM EST

In 2024, the threat landscape is shaped by AI, now leading to a volume of unprecedented viruses and attacks. Traditional Antivirus protection, which would block threats, is no longer efficient or effective.

The only way to combat this complex and expanded volume is to implement endpoint security. EDPR (endpoint detection and response), leads the way for all network devices to have high grade protection against bad actors.

In this session, you will experience a solution that has a full stack of integrated modules for additional layers of protection, patching, extended visibility, data control and reporting.

Witness how AI tools help to proactively search for patterns of anomalous behavior not previously identified on the network. EDPR will analyze any suspicious activity potentially related to hacking and investigate the indicators of an attack, to find evasion and compromise techniques.

Presenter: Marc Laliberte


Identity Security & MFA

Why Password Management and MFA are Your Best Defense

Thursday, March 28

12:00 PM – 01:00 PM EST

Embark on an hour-long insider’s view that showcases the reality of password intrusion and why a solution is needed to protect your identity and access. No longer are eight characters enough. Total Identity Security focuses on credentials management. And, when combined with comprehensive use of MFA, brings you a reliable fortress for your organization.

You will learn how to Mitigate Password-Related Attacks, protect your identity from the dark web, and implement MFA so that all users are protected.

Join this session on Total Identity Security which includes Credentials Management and Multi-Factor Authentication and listen to Security Expert Marc Laliberte Director of Security Operations at Watchguard and Security Experts from eMazzanti as they guide you through the significant steps needed to block modern threats. Thus, paving the way for a robust Zero-Trust approach.

Presenter: Marc Laliberte