Identity Security & MFA

Why Password Management and MFA are Your Best Defense

Thursday, March 28

12:00 PM – 01:00 PM EST

About the session

Embark on an hour-long insider’s view that showcases the reality of password intrusion and why a solution is needed to protect your identity and access. No longer are eight characters enough. Total Identity Security focuses on credentials management. And, when combined with comprehensive use of MFA, brings you a reliable fortress for your organization.

You will learn how to Mitigate Password-Related Attacks, protect your identity from the dark web, and implement MFA so that all users are protected.

Join this session on Total Identity Security which includes Credentials Management and Multi-Factor Authentication and listen to Security Expert Marc Laliberte Director of Security Operations at Watchguard and Security Experts from eMazzanti as they guide you through the significant steps needed to block modern threats. Thus, paving the way for a robust Zero-Trust approach.




Marc Laliberte is the Director of Security Operations at WatchGuard Technologies. Marc joined the WatchGuard team in 2012 and has spent much of the last decade helping shape WatchGuard’s internal security maturation from various roles and responsibilities. Marc’s responsibilities include leading WatchGuard’s security operations center as well as the WatchGuard Threat Lab, a research-focused thought leadership team that identifies and reports on modern information security trends. With regular speaking appearances and contributions to online IT publications, Marc is a leading thought leader providing security guidance to all levels of IT personnel.

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Don’t be intimidated – Start with the basics to protect your business

Thursday, March 28

12:00 PM – 01:00 PM EST