vCIO Services

Strategic IT Expertise and Guidance Tailored to Your Business

Struggling to keep up with the ever-accelerating development of technology, but do not want to lag behind knowing it could cost you your business?

Would you like to be part of a program that shows you how the right technology at the right time can eMerge & Transform your business?

eMazzanti Technologies’ Virtual Chief Information Officer will take care of that for you; we take away the stress from IT while helping you. Do more with less.

What is a vCIO?

Why have a vCIO when you can get an in-house CIO? With a vCIO, you get everything you have with a CIO but with reduced costs. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) leads and works with the IT department. Not all companies, especially Small and Medium-sized ones, can afford to have an in-house, full-time CIO. 

A vCIO gives you the option of having an IT consultant that takes care of your business while keeping the high expenses at bay. Over-spending on the technology you don’t need and/or cannot rely on will no longer be a problem as a vCIO guides and helps you plan your technology based on the needs of your business and goals.

vCIO Services

How an eMazzanti vCIO can help

vCIO Services

With technology advancing faster than ever, keeping up with updates, licenses, regulations, and changes are challenging.

An eMazzanti Technologies’ vCIO will take a holistic view of your organization and provide you with the vision and insight you need. When relevant our vCIO will enroll your organization in our eMerge and Transform program to show you the accelerated potential that technology can give you to do more with less. A vCIO can assist you by being the tech expert in your organization and keeping you up to date, secure and operationally sound.

An eMazzanti vCIO will provide strategic IT support tailored to your Company and its goals.

Our vCIO Services Provide

Customized IT Strategy

A strategy that we build together accordingly to your business

Security & Risk Management

Reducing risk and keeping your Cyber Security up to date

Backup for Disaster Recovery

Implementing protection so you never lose important data.

Licensing and Renewals

More accessible and reliable cloud storage that works best in hybrid work environments

Cloud Technology

Keeping up to date with all licenses and renewals so your workflow stays smooth.

The Advantages of Virtual CIO Services

A Virtual CIO is not an outsider that will be in charge of your valuable IT but a partner – a trusted advisor that will assess your business’ technology needs. A vCIO works with you and builds an IT roadmap together, customized for your business. Having the IT expertise and experience of eMazzanti Technologies’ vCIO will be cost-efficient and business-saving.

Cost Reduction - Having an in-house CIO is costly but necessary. With a vCIO, you get the CIO you need but at a lower cost
On-Demand services - With customers worldwide, eMazzanti Technologies delivers day and night.
Expertise - You get over 20 years of expertise to work as your IT partner.
Customization - We will not provide a standard protocol but tailor your own IT roadmap according to your business needs.

Why eMazzanti Technologies’ vCIO Service

From Hoboken to Hungary, eMazzanti Technologies works with businesses worldwide. We deliver no matter where you are, day and night. With over 20 years of experience and worldwide practice, eMazzanti Technologies exceeds industry standards and endeavor only to deliver exceptional customer services. 

With eMazzanti Technologies as your vCIO, you will reduce IT costs, receive high-quality IT support, and be able to focus on your business as we will take care of your IT for you.

vCIO Services
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