Strategic Reasons a Law Firm Would Use an Outside Technology Support Provider

Law firms face numerous challenges that extend beyond the courtroom. One often overlooked, yet critical, element of success involves technology management. Enhancing cyber security and providing essential maintenance are just two reasons a law firm would use an outside technology support provider. Engaging managed IT services can have far-reaching effects.

For instance, the legal industry tends to lag other industries in adopting new technology. However, proactive firms have harnessed technologies such as advanced analytics and the cloud to improve their services and stay competitive. IT services providers can prove invaluable in assisting firms as they explore ways to use technology more effectively and securely.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Because they handle large amounts of sensitive and valuable data, law firms present particularly attractive targets for cybercriminals. Thus, to maintain client trust and comply with strict regulations, firms must take a proactive and comprehensive approach to cyber security.

Consider the damage caused by a data breach that exposes details of mergers and acquisitions or compromising information on public figures. The American Bar Association wisely mandates that lawyers use “competent and reasonable measures” to protect client data. But in a rapidly evolving cyber environment, “competent and reasonable measures” represents a moving target.

As a result, many firms have delayed cloud migration, citing concerns about security. But the cloud offers critical benefits such as remote work, online client portals, and exceptional disaster recovery. An IT support provider can play a critical role in helping law firms migrate safely to the cloud and implement cyber security best practices both in the cloud and on premises.

To begin with, the provider will conduct a risk assessment to determine cyber security and compliance risks. They will then work with the law firm to implement an effective security strategy to address vulnerabilities. This will include measures such as encryption, updated firewalls, strengthened access controls, improved endpoint security, and more.

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Less Down Time

The traditional approach to IT involves an in-house staff responding to computer problems, implementing cyber security on a tight budget, and trying to stay on top of necessary system updates.

But the traditional approach brings inherent difficulties. Operating on a break fix basis means downtime when equipment fails. And not all issues occur during business hours. No one wants to walk into the office on Monday morning to an IT disaster.

Managed IT service providers monitor systems around the clock using the latest tools and highly experienced personnel. This enables them to address potential problems swiftly and minimize downtime. They can also streamline patch management, ensuring that equipment and software stay up to date.

Improved Client Service

With the outside technology support provider covering IT-related tasks, lawyers and staff can focus on client services and case management. At the same time, reliable IT systems enhance the customer experience by ensuring that communication channels remain open and that lawyers can quickly access the documents they need.


Innovation and Competitive Edge

Smart law firms take their partnership with their managed IT services provider a step further, driving innovations that take customer service to the next level. Providers bring a wealth of specialized knowledge that may prove pivotal in implementing key legal technology.

For example, using AI wisely, firms can automate routine tasks and analyze vast amounts of data rapidly and accurately. Likewise, implementing cloud-based eDiscovery solutions, legal teams optimize the eDiscovery process, reducing discovery overhead and improving speed and efficiency.

Forward-Looking IT Strategy

Every firm has unique needs, goals, budget, and operational requirements. Managed IT services providers that specialize in legal IT stay up to date not only on the latest cyber security threats but also on the ever-changing world of legal software. Thus, they can offer solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Adding an outside technology support provider to the team helps to ensure that your firm leverages technology to its fullest potential. For one firm, this might involve determining the right strategy for cloud migration. For another, it might involve implementing more efficient case management or addressing unique cyber security concerns.

Explore Additional Reasons a Law Firm Would Use an Outside Technology Support Provider

Improving cyber security and client services while minimizing downtime and driving innovation represent just a few of the advantages of using managed IT services. Additional benefits include cost efficiency and the ability to scale services up or down with expansion or fluctuating workloads.

Bring your practice to the next level with legal IT support services from eMazzanti Technologies. From performance and network monitoring to comprehensive cyber security, 24×7 technical support, cloud services, and more, we can help your firm take flight.

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