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Women of the Channel

Jennifer Mazzanti Recognized as a Power 60 Solution Provider Among CRN’s 2021 Women of the Channel

Hoboken IT business co-founder and CEO honored by technology solution provider media company with Women of the Channel Award for innovative multi-language hiring program  Hoboken, New Jersey – (Cision) eMazzanti Technologies, a NYC area technology consultant and MSP today announced that CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, has named Jennifer Mazzanti, CEO, to its 2021 Power 60 Solution Providers list, an elite subgroup of honorees chosen from the highly regarded Women of the Channel list. The women honored on this year’s list pushed forward with comprehensive business plans, marketing initiatives and other innovative ideas to support their partners and

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Cloud Marketplace

Grow Your Business Securely with Microsoft 365 and eMazzanti Cloud Marketplace

Hundreds of millions of business users around the world depend on Microsoft 365 for exceptional security, collaboration, and flexibility. Building on its flagship productivity apps, Microsoft 365 connects teams in innovative ways. And now, with Cloud Marketplace, eMazzanti makes it even easier to tap into those benefits. Business Benefits of Microsoft 365 Microsoft 365 has proven a business standard for good reason: it anticipates today’s business needs. Adding cloud-based security and device management to robust productivity tools delivers the flexibility and power organizations need to stay competitive. Key business benefits of Microsoft 365 include: Security – Microsoft 365 includes layers

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Ransomware Attacks

How to Prevent Ransomware Attacks Outlined at New York State Cyber Security Conference

NYC area cyber security expert shares protection steps for business leaders fearing increased ransomware attacks at critical Cyber Security Conference session Hoboken, New Jersey (Cision) June 15, 2020 – Carl Mazzanti, President and Co-founder of eMazzanti Technologies, a specialist in cybersecurity, addressed the New York State Cyber Security Conference on the topic of How to Prevent Ransomware Attacks. His virtual 60-minute presentation was made June 8, 2021. In his presentation, Mazzanti discussed the essential facts of ransomware, including: How ransomware attacks happen in the cloud. How cyber-criminals continue to get away with it. Why 73% of Ransomware attacks are successful.

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Biometric Credit Cards

Contactless Biometric Credit Cards Combine Next Gen Security with Ease of Use

Worldwide, consumers use over 7 billion credit cards, nearly one card for every infant, child, and adult on the planet. Credit cards have revolutionized how we pay for goods and services. However, they have also proven attractive targets for fraudsters. To retain ease of use while increasing security, the payment industry has recently introduced biometric credit cards. Consumers Embrace Contactless Payments Along with accelerating digital transformation, 2020 highlighted the importance of contactless payment options. Restaurants encourage patrons to look at menus and even order through mobile apps. Stores increasingly refuse to accept cash payments. And consumers hesitate to hand over

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Ransomware Insurance Coverage

Ransomware Insurance Coverage Disappearing, Not Enough for Robust Cybersecurity

On May 9, European insurance giant AXA announced it will no longer provide support for ransom payments made to hackers. While AXA appears to be the first insurer to deny ransom payments, the move could signal an impending shift in ransomware insurance coverage. The AXA announcement comes as ransomware attacks prove an increasingly lucrative business model. For instance, victims paid an estimated $350 million in ransom payments in 2020, over 300 percent more than in 2019. In recent high-profile cases, Colonial Pipeline paid attackers $4.4 million, and CNA Financial Corporation paid a whopping $40 million. Meanwhile, cyber criminals continue to

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Rapidstart Crm

Growing Businesses Start Simply with a Path for Expansion on RapidStart CRM

As businesses grow, the need to track potential customers and current accounts moves beyond the capabilities of a simple spreadsheet. However, power tier solutions like, Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP and Oracle may prove too complex and expensive. For small to midsize companies, RapidStart CRM delivers a simple, affordable solution designed for growth. The Goldilocks Zone The major competitors in the CRM market offer hundreds of features. And for large enterprises, the advanced capabilities of a solution like Dynamics 365 Sales Professional and Sales Enterprise prove essential. On the other hand, for a small to midsize company, feature overload can

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Hybrid Workforce

Hybrid Workforce Strategies for Success

With vaccinations on the rise and more locations preparing to return to quasi-normal, businesses need to plan next steps. While numerous surveys show that employees mostly celebrate returning to the office, workers expect more flexibility than before. For many organizations, this means operating with a hybrid workforce. A hybrid workforce includes employees working in a traditional setting as well as employees working remotely. In fact, many workers plan to split their time between the office and home. To promote success in this new environment, organizations need to use the lessons from 2020 to drive strategies moving forward. Analyze Lessons Learned

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Email Deliverability

Improve Email Deliverability and Secure Business Reputation with Essential Tools

Email plays a vital role in finding and retaining customers. However, emails that fail to reach their targets represent critical missed opportunities. And when hackers successfully spoof company email addresses, your online reputation suffers. Addressing key components of email authentication helps you improve email deliverability and protect your business reputation. Emails can fail to reach their intended targets if the inbound mail server cannot verify the sender. For instance, in a spoofing attack, the hacker poses as a legitimate sender to trick the receiver into downloading malware or providing information. Consequently, if a receiving mail server doubts the authenticity of

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Retail Msp

Top Ranked Retail MSP eMazzanti Delivers Powerful Retail Technology Solutions

Once again, eMazzanti has secured its position as the top ranked retail-focused MSP on the ChannelE2E Top 100 Vertical Market MSPs list. The list honors the foremost managed services providers (MSPs) in multiple industries, including retail, healthcare, not for profit, manufacturing, and additional market segments. “After Nines Inc. congratulates this year’s Top 100 Vertical Market MSPs,” said Amy Katz, CEO of After Nines Inc., the digital media parent of ChannelE2E. “Businesses worldwide depend on the Top 100 Vertical Market MSPs for cybersecurity, automation and revenue-generating technology services – especially amid the coronavirus pandemic.” In addition to ranking highest among retail

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Why Add Cloud Backup4

Why Add Cloud Backup

Why Office 365 Customers Need a Backup Solution Many business owners using Office 365 believe that their data is totally secure. The reality, however, is a different story. Although Microsoft offers many benefits in productivity, efficiency, and collaboration with Office 365, the company doesn’t provide users with a comprehensive backup system for their underlying data. Mechanical malfunctions and physical damage, hacking and theft, user error, and power outages all put user data at risk in the cloud. While companies do their best to prepare for these problems, no plan is foolproof, and stories of data loss are far from rare, with the average data breach costing small businesses $120,000. About 32% of companies get hit by data

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