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2021 Cyber Attacks

2021 Cyber Attacks – 7 Lessons to Apply for a More Secure 2022

Hackers have hit a wide variety of industries this year, from computer manufacturers to insurance companies, schools to the NBA. A review of prominent 2021 cyber attacks reveals a few common themes. And organizations that apply the lessons learned from these attacks can look forward to a more secure 2022. Lesson 1: No One Gets a Free Pass It would be difficult to describe the profile of a typical data breach victim in 2021. Large corporations like Volkswagen and Experian got hit. At the same time, even small, low-profile businesses suffered in the Microsoft Exchange and Kaseya attacks. Ransomware crippled

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Section 179 2021

Order Now to Leverage Section 179 2021 Tax Deduction for Small Business Technology Investment

With 2021 going out surprisingly strong, owners of expanding businesses welcome the news of generous year-end tax deductions. With Section 179 2021 offering significant tax relief, small businesses can end the year with an investment in modernized technology to continue the growth in 2022. But, due to potential supply chain shortages, you should order now to complete the transaction before year end. Section 179 2021 Increased Deduction Limits The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which took effect in 2018, introduced some eye-popping adjustments to Section 179. Combined with bonus depreciation, they put more money into your business investment budget. These

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Retail Data Security Challenges

Retail Data Security Challenges Threaten Vulnerable C-Store Industry

In countless movies, harried convenience store clerks find themselves at the wrong end of an armed robber’s gun. However, while armed robbery continues to pose a significant threat, a more silent digital danger costs the industry millions of dollars. Convenience stores must address retail data security challenges to protect themselves and their customers. Cyber Criminals Love Convenience Stores For cyber criminals, convenience stores represent an attractive target. On the one hand, c-stores collect a huge amount of valuable data. Between in-store purchases and outside fuel pump transactions, a single store processes hundreds, even thousands, of credit cards each day. This

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Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup Solutions Deliver Accessibility, Scalability and Peace of Mind

Any company that has lived through a ransomware attack or lost data to a natural disaster knows firsthand the importance of the 3-2-1 backup rule. Make three copies of important data, on two different types of media, with one copy offsite. Increasingly, wise organizations have turned to cloud backup solutions for their offsite backups. Traditional backups typically involve backing data up to a remote server or onto a tape drive, which is then transferred offsite. Those solutions work relatively well. But they can prove expensive and require substantial setup and maintenance from IT staff to ensure security. With cloud backups,

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Hybrid Workspace

Drive Innovation with Hybrid Workspace Technology and Office Design

As businesses begin to emerge from the pandemic, many are rethinking how to optimize office space. Workers have experienced the benefits of remote work and want to retain some flexibility. At the same time, innovation works best when employees connect. Hybrid workspace provides strategic opportunities to empower employees while driving growth. At its most effective, the hybrid workspace blends the best of the office and remote work. Think of it as “home and hub.” Employees work remotely for some of the week but come into headquarters (now your “Innovation Center”) to connect with team members and utilize shared services. Technology

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20 Years Of Learning Replay

Enhance Your Business IT Savvy with eMazzanti’s 20 Years of Learning Replay Sessions

NYC area IT consultant offers complimentary 20 Years of Learning Replay Sessions with cloud, cyber security, executive, and business tracks Hoboken, New Jersey – eMazzanti Technologies, a leading NYC area business technology and cyber security expert, celebrated its 20th anniversary by offering a full day of executive briefing sessions and hands-on immersion workshops. Recordings of all 24 sessions from the hallmark event are now available on-demand with just a few clicks. More about eMazzanti Technologies 20 Years of Learning. This exciting event highlighted what experts at eMazzanti Technologies do every day—help business customers be the best they can be with

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Targeted Security Awareness Training

Targeted Security Awareness Training Delivers Large Return on Cybersecurity Investment

McAfee recently estimated the global cost of cybercrime at nearly $1 trillion. In response, companies have increased security spending while strengthening cloud security, network monitoring and threat detection. But to truly combat cyber threats, a comprehensive cybersecurity solution must include targeted security awareness training. The People Challenge Despite millions spent securing networks and deploying state-of-the-art cybersecurity tools, the biggest threat to an organization remains the human factor. When employees re-use passwords, click unsafe links or browse the internet, they introduce vulnerabilities. In fact, over 90 percent of cyberattacks occur because users click malicious links or share information. Hackers know these

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Prevent Cyberattacks

5 Steps to Prevent Cyberattacks and Safeguard Legal Client Information

Attacks like WannaCry and Petya have dominated tech news in recent years. Ransomware has become big business, with highly organized bad actors using increasingly sophisticated tactics. The risks and costs associated with ransomware have mounted higher than ever. But law firms can take simple, effective measures to prevent cyberattacks. In the legal industry, the real costs of cyberattacks reach beyond the budget. Law firms make extremely attractive targets for hackers because they store a wealth of sensitive information. Consequently, firms have an ethical obligation to proactively address technological challenges in the context of client matters. Catching hackers can prove nearly

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Supply Chain Disruptions

Supply Chain Disruptions Cause Delays for Many Businesses, But Not All

Empty shelves and lengthy shipping delays continue to wreak havoc on the global economy. For businesses, supply chain disruptions all too often mean delaying critical technology purchases or limping by on old equipment. As a result, organizations need to think creatively and explore the options at hand. And for eMazzanti customers, help may be just a phone call away. Perfect Storm Leads to Supply Chain Disruptions No single event resulted in today’s situation. Even before 2020 turned the world upside down, digital transformation sparked an increasing demand for technology. When the corporate world switched to remote work almost overnight, that

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Microsoft 365 Data Resiliency and Recovery

Protecting Critical Data Starts with Microsoft 365 Data Resiliency and Recovery

Migrating to the cloud brings a host of benefits, beginning with anytime/anywhere data access. However, even in the cloud, organizations need to plan for business continuity and data recovery. The key to protecting information assets begins with understanding Microsoft 365 data resiliency and recovery. While machine failures and natural disasters pose less of a threat in Microsoft 365 than with on-premises data, other risk scenarios exist. For instance, a disgruntled employee may delete critical files or emails. Likewise, an admin can mistakenly remove large portions of content. And cyber criminals always pose a threat. Fortunately, Microsoft has implemented several layers

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