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Remote Worker Disengagement

Leverage Technology to Prevent Remote Worker Disengagement

Everyone has a bad day now and again. But when a usually productive employee begins to avoid interaction, contribute less, and react negatively, it could be a warning sign. While remote work brings many benefits, it also takes a toll on employee engagement. Smart companies actively look for ways to prevent remote worker disengagement. Challenges Remote Workers Face For the State of Remote Work 2019 Report, remote employees reported the biggest challenges they face. Top responses included separating home life from work life, feeling loneliness and achieving collaboration. The same study also showed that nearly all remote workers planned to

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Incident Response Plan 1

Incident Response Plan a Critical Component of Cyber Security

By Almi Dumi, CISO, eMazzanti Technologies A security breach can have devastating effects on your organization. In fact, a recent report from IBM lists the average cost of a data breach in the United States at $8.64 million. However, organizations that define and follow an incident response plan for all security incidents can mitigate exposure and risk. Consequently, organizations should have a plan ready before an incident occurs. An incident response plan that begins with 24/7/365 monitoring will shorten the response time and increase the chances of a successful recovery. This post outlines the six phases of a typical incident

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Secure Wi-Fi

Secure Wi-Fi Resources and Enable Your Remote Workforce with eMazzanti’s Cyber Security Workshop Replay

NYC area IT security consultant makes 2021 Secure Wi-Fi Workshop available to anyone online—in virtual cyber security workshop replay Hoboken, New Jersey – eMazzanti Technologies, a specialist in cybersecurity, is replaying on demand a workshop promoting secure Wi-Fi for your remote workforce. The informative virtual replay session addresses the landscape of 2021 Wi-Fi cyber-threats featuring Wi-Fi security experts from WatchGuard and eMazzanti Technologies. 2021 Wi-Fi Cyber-Threats Workshop On-Demand The virtual event, “Enable Your Remote Workforce – Secure Your Wi-Fi Resources to Prevent Cyber Risk,” is available any time for replay on demand. Here, Jim Steinbacher, WatchGuard Technical Evangelist for Wireless,

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Data Backup Best Practices

Celebrate World Backup Day with Data Backup Best Practices

Break out the party hats and celebrate World Backup Day on March 31. Better yet, use the coming month to implement data backup best practices to protect vital information assets and ensure business continuity. Reliable backups form a critical factor in defending your business from ransomware, natural disasters, and other hazards. Start with the Basics Begin with essential data backup best practices that have saved businesses for years: 3-2-1 rule – Simply put, the 3-2-1 rule means that you store three copies of the data on at least two different backup devices and move one copy offsite. For instance, you

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Cybersecurity and Productivity

Balancing Cybersecurity and Productivity to Optimize Work-From-Home

During an important video chat sales presentation, an account executive attempts to bring up critical information. But the system denies her access to the file. Frustrated, she limps through without the data. In the current environment, the perfect blend of effective cybersecurity and productivity can prove elusive. But with careful planning, businesses can achieve both goals. In today’s data-driven and work-from-home business environment, organizations need strategies that give the good guys ready access to data while keeping the bad guys out. Several factors make finding that balance a challenge. First, to work productively, employees need quick access to quality data.

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Microsoft Exchange Hack

Microsoft Exchange Hack – Essential Steps to Protect Your Data

On March 2, Microsoft warned of exploits that take advantage of multiple Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities. Security experts warn that any organization running on-premises Microsoft Exchange could be at risk for the Microsoft Exchange Hack. They must take the threat seriously and follow the steps necessary to protect data assets. Hafnium Hack The Microsoft hack appears to have originated with the Hafnium organization out of China. Hence, some refer to it as the Hafnium Hack. However, experts have now identified at least ten advanced persistent threat groups using the vulnerabilities to attack thousands of servers an hour. And it appears the

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Partially Remote Workforce

4 Productivity Tips for a Partially Remote Workforce

For a full year now, the business world has engaged in a grand experiment. Almost overnight, thousands of companies switched to a remote workforce. Remote work has proved a mixed bag, offering clear benefits but also significant challenges. Now, as we look ahead, the “new normal” almost certainly includes a partially remote workforce. For many employees, particularly knowledge workers, the move to remote work has increased productivity levels and job satisfaction. Businesses benefit from flexible hiring and lower office costs. However, not all jobs lend themselves to remote work, and not all employees enjoy working from home 100 percent of

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2021 Cyber-Threats

Replay eMazzanti’s Cybersecurity Workshop to Protect Against 2021 Cyber-Threats

NYC area IT security consultant makes 2021 Cyber-Threats Workshop with security recommendations available to anyone online—in virtual workshop replay Hoboken, New Jersey – eMazzanti Technologies, a specialist in cybersecurity, is replaying on demand the first of two informative cybersecurity workshops. The virtual replay session addresses the landscape of 2021 cyber-threats featuring experts from WatchGuard and eMazzanti Technologies. 2021 Cyber-Threats The first virtual event entitled, “2021 Cyber Threat Landscape: What is Happening Now and What You Need to Know,” is available any time for replay on demand. In this session, Marc Laliberte, WatchGuard Senior Security Analyst, delivers an interactive workshop discussing

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Legal Technology Productivity

Legal Technology Productivity Gains Level the Field for Smaller Firms

In the past, small to mid-size law firms simply could not compete with the big firms. With so much capital at their disposal, large firms had access to tools that boutique firms could only dream of using. And the smaller firms lacked personnel to dedicate to complex technology projects. But practical legal technology productivity gains for smaller firms can level the playing field. From updated infrastructure to automation, cloud computing and eDiscovery, technology plays a key role in improving a firm’s competitive positioning. When attorneys work more efficiently, focusing their time on billable tasks, productivity and client satisfaction increase. Technology

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Technology security during COVID-19

Technology Security During COVID

We are wearing our masks, sanitizing our hands, sheltering in place, and anxiously awaiting our dose of the vaccine because when it comes to Covid-19—to paraphrase Benjamin Franklin—an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of recovery. The pandemic has upended our lives and has been especially tough on small businesses in a number of ways. The one that concerns eMazzanti is the unique risk small businesses’ work from home policies pose to their technology security. In this post, we’ll outline the vulnerabilities a work from home environment creates as well as how small business owners can cover all bases

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