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Rapidstart Crm

Growing Businesses Start Simply with a Path for Expansion on RapidStart CRM

As businesses grow, the need to track potential customers and current accounts moves beyond the capabilities of a simple spreadsheet. However, power tier solutions like, Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP and Oracle may prove too complex and expensive. For small to midsize companies, RapidStart CRM delivers a simple, affordable solution designed for growth. The Goldilocks Zone The major competitors in the CRM market offer hundreds of features. And for large enterprises, the advanced capabilities of a solution like Dynamics 365 Sales Professional and Sales Enterprise prove essential. On the other hand, for a small to midsize company, feature overload can

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Hybrid Workforce

Hybrid Workforce Strategies for Success

With vaccinations on the rise and more locations preparing to return to quasi-normal, businesses need to plan next steps. While numerous surveys show that employees mostly celebrate returning to the office, workers expect more flexibility than before. For many organizations, this means operating with a hybrid workforce. A hybrid workforce includes employees working in a traditional setting as well as employees working remotely. In fact, many workers plan to split their time between the office and home. To promote success in this new environment, organizations need to use the lessons from 2020 to drive strategies moving forward. Analyze Lessons Learned

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Email Deliverability

Improve Email Deliverability and Secure Business Reputation with Essential Tools

Email plays a vital role in finding and retaining customers. However, emails that fail to reach their targets represent critical missed opportunities. And when hackers successfully spoof company email addresses, your online reputation suffers. Addressing key components of email authentication helps you improve email deliverability and protect your business reputation. Emails can fail to reach their intended targets if the inbound mail server cannot verify the sender. For instance, in a spoofing attack, the hacker poses as a legitimate sender to trick the receiver into downloading malware or providing information. Consequently, if a receiving mail server doubts the authenticity of

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Retail Msp

Top Ranked Retail MSP eMazzanti Delivers Powerful Retail Technology Solutions

Once again, eMazzanti has secured its position as the top ranked retail-focused MSP on the ChannelE2E Top 100 Vertical Market MSPs list. The list honors the foremost managed services providers (MSPs) in multiple industries, including retail, healthcare, not for profit, manufacturing, and additional market segments. “After Nines Inc. congratulates this year’s Top 100 Vertical Market MSPs,” said Amy Katz, CEO of After Nines Inc., the digital media parent of ChannelE2E. “Businesses worldwide depend on the Top 100 Vertical Market MSPs for cybersecurity, automation and revenue-generating technology services – especially amid the coronavirus pandemic.” In addition to ranking highest among retail

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Why Add Cloud Backup4

Why Add Cloud Backup

Why Office 365 Customers Need a Backup Solution Many business owners using Office 365 believe that their data is totally secure. The reality, however, is a different story. Although Microsoft offers many benefits in productivity, efficiency, and collaboration with Office 365, the company doesn’t provide users with a comprehensive backup system for their underlying data. Mechanical malfunctions and physical damage, hacking and theft, user error, and power outages all put user data at risk in the cloud. While companies do their best to prepare for these problems, no plan is foolproof, and stories of data loss are far from rare, with the average data breach costing small businesses $120,000. About 32% of companies get hit by data

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Low Cost Productivity Tips 1

6 Low-Cost Productivity Tips to Increase Competitiveness

Increasing workplace productivity can mean the difference between a business that succeeds and a great idea that fails. When a company produces more products or delivers higher-quality customer service more quickly than the competition, it gains the advantage. Use these low-cost productivity tips to even the playing field and compete more effectively. To get the most benefit out of technology, however, organizations need to match the technology solution to the business need. Start by assessing business processes to identify areas for improvement. For instance, do employees find themselves bogged down with paperwork? Or does distance hinder effective collaboration? The following

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Remote It Support

Remote IT Support Delivers Proactive Solutions

With information technology and cybersecurity threats both evolving daily, organizations struggle to secure vital assets and maximize productivity. A widening cybersecurity skills gap further complicates the scene. Harnessing the power of remote IT support allows even small businesses to benefit from enterprise-grade solutions. Flexible Options to Meet Varied Business Needs Managed services providers (MSPs) offer a wide variety of solutions customized to specific business demands. For example, an organization with an established, in-house IT department may contract with a service provider to support a specific software platform. Alternatively, the MSP may provide communications services or facilitate cloud migration. Additional services

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Remote Worker Disengagement

Leverage Technology to Prevent Remote Worker Disengagement

Everyone has a bad day now and again. But when a usually productive employee begins to avoid interaction, contribute less, and react negatively, it could be a warning sign. While remote work brings many benefits, it also takes a toll on employee engagement. Smart companies actively look for ways to prevent remote worker disengagement. Challenges Remote Workers Face For the State of Remote Work 2019 Report, remote employees reported the biggest challenges they face. Top responses included separating home life from work life, feeling loneliness and achieving collaboration. The same study also showed that nearly all remote workers planned to

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Incident Response Plan 900x400

Incident Response Plan a Critical Component of Cyber Security

By Almi Dumi, CISO, eMazzanti Technologies A security breach can have devastating effects on your organization. In fact, a recent report from IBM lists the average cost of a data breach in the United States at $8.64 million. However, organizations that define and follow an incident response plan for all security incidents can mitigate exposure and risk. Consequently, organizations should have a plan ready before an incident occurs. An incident response plan that begins with 24/7/365 monitoring will shorten the response time and increase the chances of a successful recovery. This post outlines the six phases of a typical incident

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Secure Wi-Fi

Secure Wi-Fi Resources and Enable Your Remote Workforce with eMazzanti’s Cyber Security Workshop Replay

NYC area IT security consultant makes 2021 Secure Wi-Fi Workshop available to anyone online—in virtual cyber security workshop replay Hoboken, New Jersey – eMazzanti Technologies, a specialist in cybersecurity, is replaying on demand a workshop promoting secure Wi-Fi for your remote workforce. The informative virtual replay session addresses the landscape of 2021 Wi-Fi cyber-threats featuring Wi-Fi security experts from WatchGuard and eMazzanti Technologies. 2021 Wi-Fi Cyber-Threats Workshop On-Demand The virtual event, “Enable Your Remote Workforce – Secure Your Wi-Fi Resources to Prevent Cyber Risk,” is available any time for replay on demand. Here, Jim Steinbacher, WatchGuard Technical Evangelist for Wireless,

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