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How to Choose an MSP or vCTO to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Like thousands of organizations, you have decided to tap into the many benefits of managed services. But not all MSPs are created equal. You need to choose an MSP or vCTO (virtual Chief Technology Officer) that will complement your business and deliver on promises.

Experience and Services to Match Your Business Requirements

Before you choose an MSP/vCTO, take time to define the business problems you want to solve. For example, do you simply need a provider to take over the day-to-day IT functions for your organization? Do you need help migrating to the cloud or implementing new technology? Or do you need a strategic partner to help you define and implement your technology plan?

Once you have identified the problems to solve, look for an MSP/vCTO that offers a complementary range of services. These may include items such as cloud solutions, comprehensive cyber security, network management, information governance and eDiscovery.

In addition to delivering specific services, your MSP/vCTO must demonstrate a solid understanding of your industry. For instance, hospitals need providers with a proven ability to navigate strict HIPAA regulations and growing cyber security challenges.

Flexible Solutions

The one-size-fits-all approach has no place in managed services. While some organizations choose to outsource their entire IT department, others may need a temporary vCTO to guide a specific project. Choose an MSP/vCTO that can adapt to your business requirements and adjust as necessary when the technology landscape evolves.

In order to provide this level of flexibility, your MSP should offer a variety of customized solutions and pricing structures. Additionally, they must deliver a service guarantee to match your needs. Look for 24/7 monitoring and issue resolution, rapid response times and guaranteed uptime.

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Choose an MSP with Strategic Focus

Under the break/fix model of IT support, customers call an IT services provider to fix a problem. But quality MSPs/vCTOs offer much more than tech support. The technology landscape changes daily, and you need a partner with the expertise and vision to help you navigate the changes.

Look for a provider that can help you identify and remediate gaps in your technology strategy. Your MSP/vCTO should be able to guide you through implementing the right technology at the right time for your business. That requires a breadth and depth of experience that allows them to anticipate and respond to both challenges and opportunities on the horizon.

Proven Reputation

Any company can paint a stellar picture on their website. Take time to look under the hood before you commit. Ask for case studies and reference sites. Do the executives supplying vCTO services have a proven record in the industry? Do the technicians have the certifications and experience they need to inspire your trust? Has the provider won key industry awards?

Also, look to see what partnerships a prospective provider has developed. Those partnerships add additional expertise to the team at your disposal. For instance, an MSP that partners with a network security company can bring further depth to your cyber security strategy. Likewise, partnership with a digital marketing agency can allow you to sharpen your web presence.

Choose An Msp

Comprehensive, Customizable Services at Your Fingertips

For nearly 20 years, eMazzanti has delivered world-class managed services to organizations around the world. We cut our teeth supporting customers through the aftermath of September 11. Since then, we have provided customized solutions for cyber security, networking, cloud services and much more.

We keep an eye on the technology horizon, helping you design and implement the solutions that keep your business relevant, your processes efficient and your digital assets secure. Our engineers pair a wealth of expertise with lightning fast response times and unparalleled customer service. Just ask our customers!

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