August 2008

August 2008
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Where in the World
is {e}Mazzanti?

Throughout the years, patrons of eMazzanti have sent us pictures of their travels while sporting eMazzanti gear.

Submit a photo of your own via email [email protected]. Should be we use your picture, you  will receive a thank you package and be entered into our  annual drawing.

How to Get Repeat Customers:
7 Steps

By Jeff Wuorio
Reprinted with permission from Microsoft Small Business

Don’t be a stranger now.” You’ve surely heard that expression, a most hospitable one. But for small business owners, a returning customer is essential to survival.

For the entrepreneur, it’s important to understand how to build a base of customers who return to your business time and again. Here are seven ideas and strategies to consider:

1. Repeat customers cost less than new ones. Studies show that it’s less expensive to bring existing customers back than to attract new ones. It makes sense, considering the expense of advertising, marketing, media and other tools necessary to lure new customers. Also, getting a new customer’s attention can often be a matter of timing.

“Prospects will only listen to your pitch when they’re ready to buy or make a change,” says Ed Brennan,
chief creative officer of Harrison Leifer DiMarco, a marketing and public relations firm. “That means you have to constantly be in the hunt to find those few that are ready to make a switch.”

2. Repeat customers are walking billboards. If a customer comes back to your business, chances are pretty good that she liked what she saw the first time around. And, from there, chances are she’s going to spread the word—publicity that comes free of charge to you.


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MXINSPECT OverviewBusinesses that rely on the Internet need around-the-clock protection from today’s quickly-evolving online threats – from spam and viruses to spyware and fraudulent phishing attacks. Unfortunately, many businesses do not have the resources or expertise necessary to manage and maintain effective online security solutions. That’s why businesses, state and local governments, and educational institutions worldwide trust MXINSPECTSM to protect their networks against converging email and Web threats with our effective, reliable solutions, which are easy to administer and use, and help organizations to:

  • Reduce business disruption
  • Safeguard the integrity of business communications
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Lower IT costs associated with Web and email threat management


Earth SmartDid you know that in addition to effecting your business communications, online threats also contribute to our growing climate crisis? Viruses and spyware often draw on the processing power of your computer, even when you aren’t using it. This consumes energy and adds to CO2 emissions. By using MXINSPECT services you can protect your business and reduce your overall energy consumption . . . and your electric bills. That’s earth smart.

Flat Panel Monitors:  5 Things to Know
by Kim Komando
reprinted with permission from the Microsoft Small Business Center
eMazzanti Technologies - FlatscreenIt’s hard not to admire the sleekness of flat-panel displays. They are a perfect example of form melding with function to create a superior product. Is it time for you to trade in your trusty cathode-ray tube (CRT) monitor for a stylish new liquid crystal display (LCD) model? Here’s a look at what makes flat-panel monitors appealing. And what might keep one off your desk.

eMail Connector“Hey! Can you help me with my computer?” “Do you know how to.”Boy, just walking down the hallway again and I got “hall-jacked”. No, that’s not a terrorist thing. That’s when you walk down the hall and someone stops you for help on your computer or asks about the server or network.But it gets worse. “Ok, now I can’t fix it. I’ve got to call eMazzanti Technologies and talk with the Help Desk. They sure are helpful, but this isn’t a critical thing. I wish eMazzanti Technologies had any easy and fast way to get a service ticket open.” Well we do.

eMazzanti Technologies has implemented a new service for our clients. It’s called an email connector. While most of you know you can call eMazzanti Technologies and speak with the Help Desk or call Dispatch and let them know you need assistance, did you know that you can also send to a specific email address and get some help?

Not only can you get an engineer scheduled, but you can have the help desk call you back or get sales help. All you have to do is send an email to [email protected] and eMazzanti Technologies service software will automatically create a service ticket, notifying dispatch that you are in need of assistance.

Non-urgent issues can be handled efficiently and completely using this service. You can even ask for sales help and the ticket will be forwarded to your Account Manager for action. You can then log on to our service portal with your password to track how each and every ticket is being handled.

Do you have a question about past service tickets? Logging in to the portal can show you all the tickets created for your company, see what was done and how much time was actually spent on each item.

Ok, you say “What’s this going to cost me?” Well, that’s even better news. It costs you nothing. The access, ticketing and portal are at no cost to you. All they require is that you send an email to [email protected] and your account login, password and a shortcut for your desktop will be emailed to you within 24 hours!!!

eMazzanti Technologies is trying to make it as easy as possible for you to request assistance and we believe this new tool can be a great timesaver!!

Just for Laughs

Windows Vista Streamlines File Management, Makes Law Firm More Efficient

Flowers and O’Brien LLC (FNO) serves high-profile international clients primarily in real estate; many are from Brazil seeking business opportunities in the US, or US companies seeking business in Brazil. The company is built on the principles of efficiency and high-value service. With help from eMazzanti Technologies, the firm utilized Windows Vista technology to streamline its handling of information, gaining operational efficiencies.

Read the Case Study

Staff Profile
Almi Dumi


Albanian, Italian, Greek & English

Quick Fact:
Loves Red Bulls (The Drink)

Alternative Rock

Digital Home Networking

Personal Motto: Never give up; never settle

Joined: 2007
Extension: 4416

Opportunities at

eMazzanti seeks bright
minds to join the team.

Refer a Network
Engineer to
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shopping spree at
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Qualifying applicants
must receive full time
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referenced the referring
friend on the original
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the annual drawing.
Shopping spree is limited
to $1,000 in merchandise.


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