Doma Export Gains Critical Connectivity with Windows 7 Professional & HP 5310m

Doma Export Company, Inc. exports personal packages, commercial cargo and motor vehicles to Poland and other Eastern European countries. The company also offers door-to-door, international moving and trucking services.Known for unsurpassed customer service and consistently on-time delivery, Doma relies on its IT partner eMazzanti Technologies to find and deploy powerful technologies that help maintain this reputation. So when eMazzanti Technologies recommended the HP 5310m ProBook running Windows® 7 Professional, Doma leaders knew they had found a powerful, efficient system that would help employees accomplish more in less time.“I can’t believe we didn’t start working with eMazzanti Technologies sooner,” says William…


New OS Provides More Speed and Layers of Defense for Web Security Firm

Situation As a web security firm, MXINSPECT is ultimately selling trust. “Companies are becoming increasingly sensitive to online threats—viruses, spam and malware,” noted Jennifer Shine, MXINSPECT CTO. “We’re there to address threats before they cause problems. People pay us to work out the details.” The managed service that MX offers has evolved to include a mobile workforce of over 40 reps. For these field employees, the laptop comprises their entire office. They carry and transfer data and require remote access to the company server, making them the possible weak link in a chain of security. If a computer is compromised,…


Law Firm Gains Reliability, Revenues, with Infrastructure Shift from Linux to Windows: Dewey Pegno & Kramarsky

Boutique law firm Dewey Pegno & Kramarsky wanted increased reliability from its PCs, and partner Stephen Kramarsky didn’t want to be the IT guy any more. They both got what they wanted with an infrastructure optimization to Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7, with the assistance of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner eMazzanti Technologies. Business Needs Attorneys are accustomed to fulfilling different roles with clients, colleagues, opposing counsel, judges, and others, but “IT manager” shouldn’t be one of them. That, however, is the role in which Stephen Kramarsky, Partner at boutique law firm Dewey Pegno & Kramarsky (DPK), sometimes found…


Sports Firms Looks to New Operating System to Pump-Up Productivity

Situation GameWear’s famous bracelets, necklaces, key chains, MP3 player cases, and cell phone cases feature every major league team. This comprises over 80 collegiate teams and an extensive cache of players. Each item is made from the same genuine leather as the ball in play, letting fans wear a piece of the game on or off the field. GameWear’s unique products are extremely popular with fans nationwide. After experiencing triple-digit growth, GameWear continues to press its momentum by looking for ways to be more productive in the areas of better customer service and lower operating costs. For example, associated with…


Public Relations Firm Boasts Server Performance Increase by 50%

The public relations firm, Litzky Public Relations, was in dire need of a network facelift. Windows Server® 2008 and Terminal Services were right for the job. The firm realized a 50% increase in server performance, WAN efficiency improved, and productivity rose as employees were now able to access desktops from multiple locations to work confidently anytime, anywhere.

IT Services Firm Resolves Its Remote Access Needs, Boosts Server Performance 30%

eMazzanti Technologies has a rapidly growing team of field engineers. The ability to emulate the desktop experience over a wide area network (WAN) connection anytime and anywhere is critical to the company’s success. An upgrade to Windows Server® 2008 provided the advanced Terminal Services features and remote access capabilities that eMazzanti needed.

Camera Retailer Focuses on Improved Customer Service with Windows 7

Camera retailer and imaging specialist Bergen Country Camera (BCC), Westwood, New Jersey, is a photography resource for its customers that range from top-level pros to novice shutterbugs. However, because customer needs vary as well as in-store traffic volume, sales personnel access to online resources, company directories and reports was limited to those behind the desk. eMazzanti Technologies, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, designed a solution using Windows 7 that has brought enhanced functionality and information access to the sales floor, improving staff productivity and customer service.

SoupMan Finds a Key Ingredient for Business Growth

Soup Kitchen International wanted to implement a technology architecture that would keep it connected to its growing family of franchisees. With the help of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, eMazzanti Technologies, it discovered that Windows Server® 2008 would work seamlessly with its disparate business-critical applications. Deploying it has improved operational efficiency, has increased employee productivity, and has become part of the company’s for growth.

Photo Firm Enhances Customer Service and Clips Costs Through Server Virtualization

Bergen County Camera needed to update its aging computer environment, improve server management, and free time to focus on customer needs. They chose to upgrade from Windows Server® 2003 to Windows Server 2008 as they were well versed in the use of Microsoft® technologies. After a successful deployment, the organization observed reduced application deployment time, improved server management, and increased end-user productivity.

New OS Enhances Document Handling and Searches for Law Firm: Flowers and O’Brien LLC

“Federated Search saves us spending $20,000 in proprietary search solutions and makes us more competitive with the big firms.” –Kerry Flowers, Partner, Flowers and O’Brien LLC Founded in 2006, Flowers and O’Brien has five employees and seven computers. Though it’s not surprising it has an abundance of paperwork, it’s the form and increased quantity that is challenging law firms i.e. electronic documents or edocuments. The ease of creating edocuments and case complexity has combined to increase total volume while the ability to navigate and analyze the information has lagged behind. FNO Law is constantly searching for better solutions to this…