Referral Partner Agreement

Referral Partner Agreement

Exhibit A

This Exhibit A shall be considered part of the Referral Partner Agreement, as a whole and complete document, and shall not be considered extrinsic to the Agreement.  Please read this Exhibit A carefully. This Exhibit A shall only be used to calculate commissions for the services mentioned herein; further attachments shall be used to calculate commissions for sales involving other products and services.

Products, Software, Hardware, Cloud, and eCareAny0%
*Performance Level refers to billings pertaining to a unique customer for a unique purchase.

Modifications to Commission Matrix

eMazzanti may, at its sole discretion, modify the commission schedule for eMazzanti products and services, unilaterally and without giving prior notice.  Any modification will take immediate effect once an updated commission schedule is posted on its website.  The most current commission schedule may be found at, and Referral Partner should visit the website from time to time to verify exact commission rates.  Referral Partner shall be entitled to commissions at whatever rate is posted on the website at the time that the respective Referral Notice is received by eMazzanti.

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