Drive Innovation with Managed Services

Drive Innovation with Managed Services to Gain a Competitive Edge

In today’s fast-paced and dynamic business environment, success requires innovation. But innovation requires tools, talent, and the ability to rise above the daily routine, to stop putting out fires. Many businesses struggle to leave behind the cycle of break, fix, repeat. Those who drive innovation with managed services, however, gain the upper hand.

Barriers to Innovation

Small businesses struggling to break into a larger market face an uphill battle. They need to invest time and resources into creating innovations that set them apart from the competition or help them to drive efficiency. But competing priorities and other challenges make that difficult. Some critical obstacles that get in the way of innovation include:

  • Old technology – When businesses postpone investing in updated tools and technology, eventually they find themselves stuck with legacy systems. Aging tools cannot handle increased demands such as remote work and emerging technology. Consequently, the company wastes time and money fixing instead of innovating.
  • Regulatory demands – Today’s complex regulatory environment changes rapidly, and businesses scramble to stay on top of the changes. Checking boxes can hamper transformation.
  • Lack of necessary skills – Smaller companies may find it difficult to hire staff with the up-to-date skills required to leverage new technologies such as AI.

Drive Innovation with Managed Services

  • Infrastructure that does not support collaboration well – Innovation requires a dynamic, collaborative environment. But collaboration, especially over distance, needs structure and tools designed to connect teams and support knowledge transfer.
  • Limited understanding of customer needs – Without large amounts of high-quality data and the means to analyze it effectively, organizations may find it difficult to understand customer needs. Relying on outdated or incomplete information will result in faulty decision making.

Strategic MSP Partnerships Deliver Talent and Technology

Many businesses turn to managed services providers (MSPs) to reduce costs and outsource non-core functions. MSPs certainly deliver those benefits. But success-minded business leaders know that building strategic partnerships with MSPs can do so much more.

For example, using managed services, even small organizations gain the benefits of updated technology. Cloud computing boosts innovation by offering critical agility and scalability. Cloud providers also provide access to cloud-based analytics and development tools that previously would have proved out of reach.

Additionally, by addressing cyber security concerns and implementing continuous monitoring, MSPs alleviate much of the burden of regulatory compliance. A quality provider will ensure comprehensive and up-to-date security software, strengthen email protection and encryption, and monitor around the clock for suspicious activity.

Perhaps most importantly, a strategic MSP partnership gives the organization access to a team of experts at the table. These experts can suggest and help implement ways to use technology more effectively and collaborate more creatively. They will also provide guidance on how to optimize available tools to drive efficiency and productivity.

For Example: Accelerate AI Journey

In many industries, companies have jumped ahead of the competition by leveraging AI solutions to enhance processes and services. However, smaller organizations may struggle to implement AI effectively due to the complexity involved and the skills and tools required. An MSP can level out the playing field.

Drive Innovation with Managed Services

A strategic MSP partnership reduces the costs of AI by leveraging economies of scale, ensuring best practices, and delivering cloud-based solutions. The MSP will also help the organization build effective information governance, a critical factor in successful AI implementation. And they will ensure AI solutions meet a high standard of security and compliance.

With the right managed services partner, organizations gain immediate access to AI expertise. The MSP can fill in skill gaps initially and offer training and support to help companies build their own AI capabilities over time.

Drive Innovation with Managed Services through eMazzanti Technologies

To move out of survival mode and achieve necessary business transformation, companies need to build strategic partnerships. An MSP like eMazzanti Technologies delivers access to key technology, as well as critical expertise. From cloud services, to comprehensive cyber security, compliance monitoring, and digital transformation, they bring businesses to a new level.

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