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eMazzanti Technologies Seeks to Grow Staff and Services with eMazzanti Career Site

Career website, eMazzanti.Ninja, looking to generate several new hires in tight tech labor market to meet needs of growing customer base

Hoboken, NJ ­- (Cision) February 6, 2019 – eMazzanti Technologies, a Hoboken, New Jersey IT consultant and managed services provider, today announced that it seeks to hire thirteen or more new staff members in a short period with the help of its career website, https://emazzanti.ninja.

eMazzanti is currently seeking to fill the following technical positions, among others advertised on the site: Field Network Engineer (5) and IT Account Managers (4). The company also seeks to hire Front End Developers (2) and full-time Marketing Managers (2) to support is every growing customer base.

The intended staff growth represents more than 10 percent of the company’s active employees. According to company leadership, the career website helps to generate the interest and job inquiries that will lead to the new hires.

Growing consistently at double-digit rates since the company’s founding in 2001, eMazzanti Technologies is constantly in search of experienced technical talent. The success of the career website has been remarkable, considering the current tight tech labor market. For example, the eMazzanti.Ninja site led to several new hires in a 30-day period last year.

“Additional staff is great news for customers who have come to expect fast support response times, technicians with best-in-the-world training and service delivery excellence,” stated Jennifer Mazzanti, CEO, eMazzanti Technologies. “Our career website helps us stay ahead of the game with new hires to maintain outstanding service levels.”

Become a Ninja

As a bright nimble firm that fosters a culture of continuous learning for all staff, eMazzanti’s new career website, eMazzanti.Ninja, includes information about the company and core benefits of working for eMazzanti Technologies. Readers will also find current career opportunities with detailed information about each position. The website says this about the company:

“There’s one mission that drives everything we do. Delivering exceptional customer service, always. At eMazzanti Technologies, we’re not satisfied to simply meet industry standards—we aim to smash them. And for over 16 years, we have.”

“From fast response times to the friendliest support team you’ll ever speak to, we are committed to go the extra mile for our customers. Our engineering expertise is matched only by the enthusiasm of our engineers. And there’s nothing they love more than solving something that’s been irking you or supporting your business as it scales.”

emazzanti.ninja staff

eMazzanti.Ninja Unlimited Training Budget

The site also touts the company’s worldwide support and partner network, an unlimited staff training budget for certifications, competencies and other learning opportunities. The firm boasts its Microsoft Gold Partner Certification, which amongst others, highlights the technical expertise in the staff. In addition, the site discusses the company’s practice of sharing knowledge and expertise and access to leading edge technologies.

eMazzanti Technologies has enjoyed a string of accolades and successful, long-term customer relationships since its founding in 2001. Remarkably, the technology company has also appeared on every Inc. 5000 list from 2010 to 2017.

Commitment to Diversity

“eMazzanti has a strong commitment to diversity and our staff exemplifies that,” says, Jennifer Mazzanti, CEO. “We are proud to say that the firm is comprised of a diverse multicultural and multigenerational workforce. Solving technology problems for customers requires a number of skills both hard and soft. By creating a culture that fosters this support, we provide the best service available on the market.”

Today’s release is the latest in a series of announcements by eMazzanti Technologies introducing new IT products, cyber-security services, partnerships and capabilities to provide customers with world-class service and enhanced growth opportunities. The company has consistently expanded its offerings to retailers, manufacturers, distributors and other customers seeking to enhance their customers’ success.

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