eMazzanti Technologies Enhances Document Handling and Searches for Law Firm Using Windows 7


Hoboken, N.J. (PRWEB) November 10, 2009 — Like most law firms, Flowers and O’Brien Law (FNO) is awash in documents. Looking for ways to better handle them in terms of searching, finding and analyzing, FNO turns to eMazzanti Technologies for its consultation. Though it’s not surprising it has an abundance of paperwork, it’s the form and increased quantity that is challenging law firms. Increasingly, the trend of documents is moving towards PDFs, Word documents, and web pages and away from traditional paper documents. The amount of cases and case complexity has combined to increase total volume of files, while the ability to navigate and analyze the information has lagged behind. With the expertise of eMazzanti Technologies, the firm is test-driving the new Windows 7 beta operating system as part of a select, pre-launch feedback program at Microsoft. The results are very encouraging as eMazzanti’s solutions are speeding up the case discovery process, accelerating the workflow and lowering costs.

Kerry Flowers, partner of Flowers & O’Brien, LLC is confident that eMazzanti’s solutions are improving the situation. “Just agreeing on which documents don’t have to be produced because the search tools and protocols are trusted would make a quantum leap improvement for both prosecution and defense and dramatically lower legal costs.” Flowers continues, “The law hasn’t caught up with the technology. Electronic inspection needs to replace visual inspection. How can we handle and examine instant messaging, Twitter conversations and texting? We need better tools,” continued Flowers.

Federated Search Saves $20,000 Alternative
According to Flowers, the deep search capabilities of Federated Search enables the firm to speed the analysis of most electronic documents by an order of magnitude. Further, if the industry could agree on the reliability of thorough search tools as found in Windows 7, the cost of discovery and research may be significantly reduced. “Federated Search saves us spending $20,000 in proprietary search solutions and makes us more competitive with the big firms.”

Flowers continued: “One recent client needed all of his .pst (email) files searched as part of a legal action. Federated Search completed the task in about two hours versus 25 or 30 hours for a paralegal to physically examine them.”

Tutorials Help Train Temps
Depending on workload and the need to accommodate staff needs, a combination of temporary help and additional paralegals might be necessary. However, training and knowledge transfer needs impacts the firm. Problem Step Recorder is seen as a new tool to address these issues according to Carl Mazzanti, chief executive officer of eMazzanti Technologies, the law firm’s IT consultant. “Problem Step Recorder will help both FNO and us solve computer problems faster. It will also create tutorials to help educate temps for paralegals on personal leave. Training will happen faster and people will be more productive.”

Consolidated Client Documents Help Workflow
FNO is just starting to experiment with the new Libraries feature in Windows 7 and it appears to have a future. “Libraries hold the potential for streamlining our client’s work by linking all pertinent case documents in a single library regardless of where the files are actually located. Information is better organized and more easily accessed.”

New Technologies and Tools for Lawyers
According to Flowers, the legal industry has been hit hard during this economic downturn with thousands of attorneys laid off across the country. However, the economy is only one factor affecting the profession. Technology is replacing staff positions as well. Technology is also delivering tools that enhance productivity.

“Since we deal with off-shore clients who speak Spanish and Portuguese, being able to tap translator tools via IE 8 Accelerators or desktop Gadgets is very helpful. We can quickly translate words or whole paragraphs in seconds, helping us with emails or documents in a moment.”

“Web Slices is another interesting tool. We can track tax issues across municipalities without having to go to several sites to gather the information. We easily monitor the changes that affect our clients.”

“The legal profession must adapt to new technology or fade away. Windows 7 has features that go a long way to help us find and navigate documents better. Part of what we need is already in the box. “eMazzanti Technologies strives to be the other part of that equation for clients’ network management and technology consultation needs.

About eMazzanti Technologies
eMazzanti Technologies works with businesses to provide strategies for growth through the use of intelligent technology tools. From business process analysis to network design, security planning to preventative maintenance, the firm’s services all aim to reduce costs, mitigate risk and drive revenue for its clients. eMazzanti also offers an extensive portfolio of network products from the leading technology manufacturers. The best advocates for eMazzanti Technologies are its clients. The firm services businesses throughout the New York Metropolitan area and in three countries worldwide ranging from home office environments to multinational corporations with mission-critical needs. These organizations rely on eMazzanti as their technology management partner. As clients grow and needs change, eMazzanti’s flexible, scalable customer engagement model adapts to meet the aspirations of each business. eMazzanti forms long-term relationships with clients that value stability and reliability in their IT partners. An innovative and comprehensive approach to technology services has earned eMazzanti the trust of a rapidly growing client base and recognition by many of the industry’s foremost publications. For more information or to download a free copy of the complete case study, please visit www.emazzanti.net.

Author: Carl Mazzanti



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