Hoboken, New Jersey – 09-22-2009 – Dewey Pegno & Kramarsky (DPK) is a New York City-based law firm handling litigation for a number of high-profile clients. Under the guidance of its eMazzanti Technologies, the firm was able to invest in the latest computer and server technologies that would continue streamline its workflow and improve the quality of user work life.

In the past, the law firm has systematically invested in a level of technology which legal practices many times DPK’s size would be envious of. However, there is a persistent need to be more efficient and complete work with less hassle. Stephen M. Kramarsky, partner of DPK, sums it up: “I read, write and argue for a living with most of my time behind a computer. It’s now a quality of life thing. How can I squeeze more productivity out of the same or lesser amount of time? What ever technology delivers on that need has got my attention.”

More Useful Navigation Features

The level of technology DPK had eMazzanti Technologies deploy over the last two years rivals law firms many times its size. In addition, DPK is now driving Windows 7 and is uncovering a number of features that helping on a business and personal level.

According to Kramarsky, the first big difference in Windows 7 is the Aero interface. Features like Snap, Peek, Taskbar Pinning and Jump Lists accelerate deposition transcription and briefs navigation. “To say it’s a million times more useful would be an exaggeration, but it does capture how I feel about it.”

“With a laptop, screen real estate is at a premium and Windows 7 ‘gets it’ with the unlocking of desktop gadgets,” said Kramarsky. “When used with the Peek feature, I get maximum screen space with easy access to gadgets without closing any files.”

Overall, I’d say Windows 7 is a big ‘win’ in three areas: speed, stability and usability

Longer Battery Life, Faster Printing, More Productivity

New and improved features in Windows 7 help increase usability, such as extending the battery life of laptops and help users find default printers for various networks . “With the new Power Management feature, I could get as much as 40 percent more work time from a single charge,” noted Kramarsky. “It impacts productivity and lessens the weight of the computer equipment I need to haul through airports.” “Location Aware Printing is a ‘me’ feature. It distinguishes between my home and office networks so printing is no worry.” said Kramarsky. “I could see this capability being an ‘our’ feature—extended to deposition environments where visiting counsel has automatic printer connections.”

“Overall, I’d say Windows 7 is a big ‘win’ in three areas: speed, stability and usability,” said Kramarsky.

About eMazzanti Technologies

eMazzanti Technologies works with businesses to provide strategies for growth through the use of intelligent technology tools. From business process analysis to network design, security planning to preventative maintenance, the firm’s services all aim to reduce costs, mitigate risk and drive revenue for its clients. eMazzanti also offers an extensive portfolio of network products from the leading technology manufacturers. The best advocates for eMazzanti Technologies are its clients. The firm services businesses throughout the New York Metropolitan area and in three countries worldwide ranging from home office environments to multinational corporations with mission-critical needs. These organizations rely on eMazzanti as their technology management partner. As clients grow and needs change, eMazzanti’s flexible, scalable customer engagement model adapts to meet the aspirations of each business. eMazzanti forms long-term relationships with clients that value stability and reliability in their IT partners. An innovative and comprehensive approach to technology services has earned eMazzanti the trust of a rapidly growing client base and recognition by many of the industry’s foremost publications. For more information or to download a free copy of the complete case study, please visit www.emazzanti.net.

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