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eMazzanti Technologies | Technology Newsletter | Hoboken, NJ – New York, NY | December 2016

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Smart, Elegant and Innovative: The Future of Fashion IT
by Cloud Services New York City

From 3D-printed animal skull jewelry to virtual try-ons to business intelligence designed to revolutionize the shopping experience, the combined future of fashion and information technology promises an exciting world for consumers and retailers alike.

Today’s shoppers live with the world literally at their fingertips, a world that changes at internet speed. Not only does the retail fashion industry need technology to attract and retain customers, but successful retailers anticipate the future and harness cutting-edge technologies to their advantage.

We asked experts in the industry what they would like to see on the future fashion IT horizon.

Imagination in 3D printables – VimanasTM Jewelry offers a unique collection of accessories printed in 3D from scans of elegant animal skulls. Taking technology a step further, the company is developing an online, 3D printed custom jewelry platform giving customers freedom to customize designs or design jewelry from scratch.Read more →

Avoid tech hiccups abroad
used with permission from HP Technology at Work

The For U.S. business travelers, venturing overseas with indispensable smartphones, notebooks, and tablets can be a confounding hassle given spotty Wi-Fi service, expensive mobile roaming charges, and heightened security measures—not to mention incompatible electrical sockets.

Here’s what you need to know before carrying your must-have mobile devices outside the U.S.

To SIM or not to SIM

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eMazzanti Presents

Mancini Duffy and
eCare Secure Route

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Looking for web design and development services?
You don’t have to look any further.
eMazzanti Technologies is now ouranswer.
Monthly Cartoon
Four technology trends that will shape the future of your business
used with permission from Microsoft US Small and Midsize Business Blog

These days, the rate of technological change can be dizzying. Keeping up with the latest trends can be a challenge for anyone, but some of these disruptive technologies will present new opportunities for business in the near future. Which technology trends matter most to your business? And how can you capitalize on them? Read on.

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Celebrating 15 years!

Why are you still waiting to upgrade your email to the cloud?
used with permission from Microsoft Office Blogs

You’ve heard about the cloud, you know the benefits it offers, yet you’re still using an on-premises solution for your company’s emails. Maybe the thought of the transition is too daunting, or you’re not convinced it’s necessary at this time—there are many reasons that you might chose to stay with on-premises servers.

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Where in the World is eMazzanti?

eMazzanti Careers

eMazzanti seeks bright minds to join the team.

Currently we have multiple Open Positions! Check them out here!

eMazzanti Rocks!

“Working with eMazzanti has enabled us to create a scalable IT solution that we can roll out to multiple locations. It’s a huge cost savings in the future development and growth of our company.”

Chris McCullough, US Flagship Gallery Manager, Timothy Oulton

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Bryan Antepara: IT Specialist

Bryan Antepara is a leader in Cloud engagements with a demonstrated history of digital transformation of business processes with the user of Microsoft Technologies powered by the team of eMazzanti Technologies engineers.

Bryan has a strong experience working with Office 365 cloud solutions, Business Process, Internet Information Services (IIS), Microsoft Office Suite, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Customer Service.

He has the ability to handle the complexity of moving data in and out of containers and cloud sessions, makes him the perfect candidate to help organizations large and small migrate to new and more efficient platforms.  Bryan is a graduate of the University of South Florida and is Microsoft Certification holder.



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