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The Future of Video Conferencing
reprinted with permission from HP Science-fiction fans have long wished for life-sized communication devices that create a real-time image of the person/alien/robot you are talking with. Recently, holographic video technology has begun to surface, although at present the price means it’s restricted to only the wealthiest companies. More realistic options when you want a face-to-face with clients across town (or the galaxy) are video conferencing and telepresence setups, like HP’s Halo solutions.Soaring fuel prices, and our growing awareness of our carbon footprint, are encouraging the fast adoption of video conferencing among big and small companies. Some businesses have even taken the line that if a video conference is possible, they won’t travel long distances for a meeting.

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Holding a Web meeting? 5 pitfalls to avoid
by Christopher Elliott
reprinted with permission from the Microsoft Small Business Center
Think hard now. Can you remember your first virtual meeting? For many of you, it was in the latter decades of the 20th century, and you likely called it a “teleconference.” If so, chances are you can recall how simple – but expensive – the technology used to be. Well, virtual meetings aren’t expensive anymore. But they’re still relatively simple, even if you’re talking now about meetings held via the Internet instead of by phone. In fact, getting up and running with Web conferencing software today is so easy that virtually anyone with a PC and an Internet connection can do it. For example, it took me less than two minutes to sign up for Microsoft Office Live Meeting’s free 14-day trial.

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Creating the Modern Office

The modern business office has many aspects that can be enhanced and streamlined using technology. From the usual desktop/server infrastructure to the newest capabilities of remote monitoring and management, backup and disaster recovery solutions, telepresence, and more, the sky is the limit with your office. Here are some of the services and solutions that we provide to make your business efficient and productive with technology.Email Management Software – Email management software is a program that distributes, processes, and tracks and can access the entire email history of any employee instantly. If this sounds like something that your business needs, we can definitely provide.Hardware as a Service (HaaS) – HaaS allows you to convert a large capital expense into a manageable operating expense by leasing you the hardware that you need. The hardware is placed at your site and we remotely monitor your hardware and software.

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Unified Communications: Right For Your Business?
reprinted with permission from the Microsoft Small Business Center
by Heather Clancy
While most of us welcome the opportunity to stay in touch virtually anytime from anywhere, keeping up with phone calls, voicemail, e-mail and instant messaging can distract even the most disciplined person from more important concerns.Enter the white knight of “unified communications,” technology that integrates phone calls, voice mail and video conferencing – all your telephone communications – with your e-mail, documents and other applications on a personal computer. Unified communications becomes even more valuable when extended to fax and especially useful when linked with information in customer or sales-prospect databases, according to Dave Casey, president of Westron Communications, a network technology integration company in Carrolton, Texas. Read More

7 Instant Messaging Rules for the Workplace
reprinted with permission from the HP Small and Medium Business Website Because of its efficiency and speed, instant messaging, or IM for short, has become a valuable interoffice tool for employees to exchange information and collaborate in real time.The advantages of IM are clear. But there are drawbacks too. IM can be distracting; employees can waste time using it for personal conversations; and IM technology is often not secure, leaving corporate networks more vulnerable to viruses and attacks. And because of the informal nature of IM, it can sometimes lead to embarrassing or serious mistakes. Read More

Technology Helps Meet the Challenge of Multiple Offices
by Jane Cage, COO, HTSDo you have more than one location? Are you considering an expansion? Running a business with more than one office presents a set of challenges all its own. Here are some of the ways to use technology to bridge the distance gaps:1. A VoIP (Voice over IP) Phone System – Our phone system uses the same network cabling as our office computers. That factor alone has saved us money with every expansion as we set up a new location. We can run one set of wires and connect our computer network and our phones. More important, however, is the capability our system gave us for extension dialing and outside line transfer among locations. Before the VOIP system we had separate phone systems at each location. We discovered that it hampered open communications between staff members who needed to speak with each other. There was just a natural resistance to picking up the phone to tie up an outside line to make a long distance call. As soon as we connected the new system, communications between offices blossomed. Employees who were only “an extension” away seemed much more accessible. Read More

Where in the World is eMazzanti?

The Future of Video Conferencing
Holding a Web Meeting? Pitfalls to Avoid
Creating the Modern Office
Unified Communications: Right for Your Business?
7 Instant Messaging Rules for the Workplace
Technology Helps Meets the Challenge of Multiple Offices
Where in the World is eMazzanti?
eMazzanti Technologies and Shinola – Bringing Excellence Together
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 eMazzanti Technologies and Shinola – Bringing Excellence Together

Bike, Watch and Accessory manufacturer, Shinola Detroit discuss how eMazzanti Technologies are integral to the productivity and success of their business.

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