February 2007

February 2007
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Email – Our Dependence On It

Over the last 10 years, Email has gone from an alternate communications vehicle to dependence as our most mission–critical application. According to the Enterprise Strategy Group, more than 75% of corporate intellectual property is stored in email. However, the very things that make email valuable to an organization also expose it to a great deal of risk and liability.

Businesses spend countless hours, budget and resources defending and worrying about how to keep email running smoothly. Security and Availability are the two critical sources of risk to email today. Email Security and Availability is about protecting the data and systems from abuse and attack, while simultaneously making the systems and information highly available for business use, meeting requirements for regulatory compliance and for legal discovery.

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Fundamentals of Power — An APC Blackout Seminar

US power grids are outdated and our government is requiring major upgrades over the coming months and years. With these changes, we will experience further blackouts, brownouts, sags and surges while power grids are repaired.

Sign up now for this event and learn from the power expects how your firm can maintain continuity while the lights are out at your competitors.

For more on this event and other eMazzanti events, click here.

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With Membership in VentureTech Network, eMazzanti Technologies Increases Local Service CapabilitiesJanuary 24, 2007 – eMazzanti Technologies, a local technology solution provider, has been selected for membership in Ingram Micro’s VentureTech Network™, an exclusive national network of technology providers who serve the needs of small to midsize businesses (SMBs) by offering premium products and value-added services to their customers.“As a member of VentureTech Network, we can expand our technology capabilities and offerings to customers by partnering with other network members who complement our existing services,” said Carl Mazzanti, CEO of eMazzanti Technologies. “In addition, VentureTech Network will keep us ahead of the technology curve by providing special resources and programs from the world’s largest technology products and services distributor, Ingram Micro.” VentureTech Network includes technology solution providers who have achieved a high level of expertise in deploying technology solutions and services in their local markets. VentureTech Network members offer premier technology products and enhanced services, and they receive special support from major technology vendors through Ingram Micro.Continue…

Vista – To Migrate or NotAfter much ado, Microsoft’s newest operating system release in almost five years, Vista became available to business users in November 2006. Vista offers no shortage of visually stunning effects and new features, but these benefits come at a price — namely the need for more powerful and faster PCs. If you are among the many that are considering adopting this new operating system for your small or mid-sized business, there are some important factors you need to consider before you make your decision.Vista’s key benefits
Microsoft developers have built Vista to succeed where previous versions have fallen short. Here are just some of the improvements and features that are part of Vista:
Easier search functionality: Windows Desktop Search enables easier searching, and thumbnail previews of documents allow you to view the contents without opening. Mobile made easier: If you or your employees routinely make wireless or remote connections, or use handheld devices such as PDAs, then Vista’s easy setup and synching functions will save time and enable quick access. Better compatibility: Historically, Microsoft operating systems haven’t worked very well in conjunction with third party applications. Vista was built with compatibility in mind — giving users more control over what they can access.

Problem resolution: Vista prides itself on being a very smart and intuitive user friendly system. The OS can solve many common problems on its own, lessening the potential for costly downtime and time spent dealing with the help desk.

AERO capability: With the right display adapter, some editions of Vista will offer a new interface called Aero that lets you preview what is inside a running program by placing your cursor over its thumbnail in the task bar.

Easier deployment: Microsoft has made improvements in Vista that attempt to make it easier to manage and deploy.

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Opportunities for growth may elude your competitors, but do you have the tools to react when they present themselves?eMazzanti Technologies Business Consulting Services provide intelligent analysis of your business, from daily processes to your competitive landscape, and recognize opportunities to use technology to:  maximize productivity, streamline operations, and drive revenue.To lean how, please visit www.emazzanti.net/howto or call 201-360-4400.

Environment and
CRN Cover

In January, eMazzanti was featured on the cover of CRN magazine for its efforts in environmental computing. This month eMazzanti offers FREE copies of the movie “An Inconvenient Truth” to the first 20 customers who writes a brief testimonial about how with eMazzanti’s help your firm has reduced your environmental impact by increases in operational efficiency, utilization of lower power consumption computers, implement-ation of energy efficient monitors, and any other example of how your firm is doing more with less.

To submit your story please email [email protected] with your testimonial and contact details.

Missed the cover article? Click here for the full story.

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eMazzanti seeks bright minds to join the team. Have a prodigy child about to graduate form College but needs some hands on experience? Each summer eMazzanti offers an Internship Develop-ment Program to foster college students’ minds in the field of Computer Networking during a ten week program. To learn more or to refer a friend please direct inquires to www.emazzanti.net/jobs

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