Boost Sales, Track Customers with High-Tech Guest Wi-Fi

In October 2016, WatchGuard, a leader in advanced network security solutions, introduced Wi-Fi Cloud. This exciting new guest Wi-Fi offering combines automated threat protection with engagement and analytics tools, boosting digital marketing capabilities for small to mid-size businesses.

A recent study by the Yankee Group showed that 96% of survey respondents preferred businesses that provide free wi-fi. Customers who use the wi-fi tend to stay longer and even spend more. With the addition of sophisticated analytics, businesses can engage consumers with targeted marketing both during and after the in-store experience.

Understand Behavior

For example, the customer entering a boutique and coffee shop uses social media to sign onto the guest wi-fi. A splash screen offers her a coupon for a free coffee and alerts her to a popular display in the back of the store. While she sips her coffee, and browses through the aisles, the system notes dwell time and traffic flow throughout the store.

With valuable data about consumer habits, the store can adjust displays and promotions to more effectively market under-selling items. Even after the in-store shopping experience, the boutique can send targeted promotions based on customer demographics.

Engage Customers

WatchGuard’s Wi-Fi Cloud includes a built-in design app to help you connect with customers. This interactive, easy-to-navigate app allows you to:

  • Create splash pages to promote your brand and quickly engage customers
  • Distribute coupons targeted by customer demographics and in-store location
  • Survey customers for preferences and feedback
  • Send targeted post-visit marketing campaigns

Inform Marketing with Analytics

In marketing, knowing your customers’ profiles and habits makes all the difference. Wi-Fi Cloud offers sign-on through various social media channels, immediately giving you a host of demographic and browsing information.

In addition, once customers have signed onto the guest wi-fi, the system tracks dwell-time and footfall for various zones you define. With customized dashboards and reports, you can track traffic flow, repeat customers, conversion rate and more.

Real-time Targeted Campaigns

With a wealth of information at your fingertips, you can engage customers using real-time sequenced digital marketing campaigns. For example, you might,

  1. Offer a coupon discount for those who sign onto guest wi-fi.
  2. Push a specific product or trigger a promotion when the customer reaches a particular area of the store.
  3. Once customers leave the store, you can send promotions or reminders of upcoming events to encourage return visits. Targeted, post-visit marketing builds your brand and increases customer loyalty.

Secure and Simple Guest Wi-Fi

WatchGuard built a reputation as a global leader in network security. Wi-Fi Cloud combines wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) with sophisticated customer engagement and analytics tools.

You build your brand, connect with your customers at the right time and in the right ways. Both you and your customers benefit from world-class security.

Best of all, the Analytics and Engage apps are included with every Wi-Fi Cloud license that connects with one of WatchGuard’s cloud-ready access points. The Wi-Fi Cloud environment can be scaled to accommodate one or many access points.

Customizable dashboards and alerts give you the information you need to engage your customers. Easy-to-use templates make splash pages and personalized promotions simple. You can even manage your wireless networks with any mobile device.

High-Tech Guest Wi-Fi

Partners in Excellence

For 16 years, the experts at eMazzanti Technologies have deployed and managed WatchGuard network security technologies for businesses of all sizes.

CEO Jennifer Mazzanti praised WatchGuard’s new offering. “WatchGuard has brought sophisticated marketing tech to help small and mid-size businesses increase sales. It’s good for customers and good for all of us.”

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