How to Use Data Security as a Small Business Competitive Advantage

A secure environment is the foundation of civilization and progress in the Western world.  In business, security for customers fosters confidence and growth.PCI-photo

In light of increasing threats, do small business owners have an opportunity to use superior data security technology to differentiate their services from others?

Security and Commerce

In our modern economy, cyber-security enables e-commerce. And now, with increasing use of the cloud and web-based payment systems and applications, almost every business relies on cyber-security technology.

Customers have to be confident that their data is secure or they won’t transact business with you. But, data security threats are increasing and the security breach headlines continue. It all seems like a big problem for business.

Data security threats certainly are a problem for business, but perhaps we can approach the situation from a positive perspective. We might ask, ‘Is there a silver lining?’ If you ask your attorney, they might not be able to find one. So, consider the following:

Security as a Competitive Advantage

One of the benefits of the recent high-profile hacker attacks is increased customer awareness of data security threats. This awareness of the data security problem presents an opportunity to generate increased customer confidence in your business and preference for your brand.

Managed properly, having superior data security technology can be a competitive advantage. The big transaction processing companies work hard to make this approach work for them. They tout their security track records and their expertise in developing the most advanced encryption technologies.

Banks have been following the security marketing strategy for centuries, using flashy, massive, vault doors to attract and reassure customers. The Mosler Safe Company exploited a bank vault that survived the Hiroshima atom bomb blast to promote its vaults and safes for years.

data-security_2283310bCustomer Confidence

A secure business environment creates an atmosphere of confidence and growth, as evidenced by this statement from a retail small business executive:

“Because our network provider does such a good job with monitoring our POS network, we are able to make our customers feel comfortable. It allows us to grow our business because they feel safe when they come into our stores.” Bill Hall, CFO, Paramount Decorators.

Many small businesses routinely promote their technology to land new clients. It might be their stellar industry-specific software or customer service application. Why not advertise your business as having the latest data security technology? It could be an effective marketing strategy.

Operational Competitiveness

Network security that reduces or eliminates the threat of a data security breach enhances the competiveness of your business in other ways as well.

  • Your product ideas and plans are protected.
  • You spend less time dealing with security issues and more time growing the business.
  • You avoid the huge embarrassment and cost of a breach which diverts resources away from production and marketing.
  • Ultimately, strong security translates to increased profits.

How to use strong network security as a competitive advantage

The core of any marketing strategy is to have an outstanding product to promote. Make sure that the IT security technology you have is the best available for small business. An IT security expert can help you evaluation options and implement solutions.

Take these steps to make network security a competitive advantage for your business:images0D3UH3P1

  1. Partner with an IT security expert you can trust.
  2. Get the best small business network security technology.
  3. Keep your security technology up-to-date.
  4. Start telling prospects and customers.

Promoting your technology advantage can be accomplished in various ways. Here are a few ideas to help you get going:

  • Design a security logo for your website. Use it as a window and register sticker as well.
  • Print a security tag line like “We Love Secure Data” on receipts, invoices, quotes and email signatures.
  • Develop a one-page handout or PDF explaining your data security technology.
  • Post about data security on social media.
  • Create a press release about your outstanding data security.

Data security technology is an investment. Increase your ROI beyond protecting valuable company and customer data by using it as a business asset to attract customers and increase revenues.

One of the best pieces of advice is to develop a security-first mindset. This philosophy has helped eMazzanti and our customers prosper through good times and bad since 2001. It can do the same for your business.




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