June 2007

June 2007
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Selecting a Backup Solution for Your Critical Information

A recent study conducted by Insight Express showed that 30% of IT managers estimated that their companies lose at least $10,000 in revenue and productivity after a server failure. For 85% of the respondents, recovering from a server failure takes two or more hours.

The same survey, however, found that many businesses lack backup plans or recovery measures. Thirty-five percent of those surveyed don’t back up on a regular basis. Insight Express also found that 54% don’t see the need to back up their entire systems more than once a month.

And here’s something else to consider: Gartner Research has stated that two out of five enterprises that experienced a disaster went out of business in five years.

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Your Need
for Speed

When it comes to Internet browsing and downloading, some connections deliver more speed than others. Reported download speeds often differ from the actual speed one gets using the connection, and there are factors that affect how quickly your computer communicates online.

Click Here for some clarification on speeds and how to get the most out of the connection you have.


Annual IT Checkup — Have you had yours? Stethoscope on ComputerIf we take our health seriously, we have an annual checkup. If you take your company’s technology seriously, you should consider an annual periodic review of the following:

  • Can a new technology solve your business problems?
  • Can technology help you increase customer satisfaction?
  • Can technology help put profit to your bottom line?
  • Have you outgrown your existing technology infrastructure?

Our account managers have been trained to understand the impact that technology can have on businesses every day. They will sit down with you to understand more about your company business processes and problems and help you determine how technology can make a difference. After we’ve talked together about your business, we’ll deliver an assessment of your current technology health and some suggestions about how you might improve it. And unlike visiting the doctor, you won’t receive a bill in the mail. If you are interested in an “annual checkup”, please call us to setup an appointment for an account manager & owner to visit your location.

Good technology health has many parallels to good physical health – it’s always better to be proactive than reactive. Take charge of getting the most out of your technology today!

MXINSPECT Announces Hosted Prevention
Solution That Makes Internet Browsing Safe
December 26, 2006 — The web is filled with information profiteers of all types, and the business of information theft has never been so good. Malware applications litter the internet to phish for data, spy on your behavior, and relay information about your every move. As long as there is money to be made, this is a problem that is here to stay. For some business owners, the cost of that problem is just too high.Combating malware typically requires a heavy upfront investment in a software package. This is often circumvented by threats which have the capability of reinstalling themselves once removed by software. Beyond the cost to combat these threats, businesses bear the burden of hours of network downtime and loss of internet bandwidth.Continue…

EVENTS:  Take Me Out to a Ball Game!Tired of the same old sales meetings? Wouldn’t you rather be somewhere, anywhere, else? ……..What about a ball game. eMazzanti Technologies is proud to sponsor the Newark Bears Professional Baseball Club and we’d like to treat you to a ball game during the 2007 season……crackerjack included.

For more on this event and other eMazzanti events, click here.
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Staff Profile
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