June 2009


June 2009
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¦  FREE Soccer Tickets !
¦  Tips for Greener Printing
¦  Summer Storms & UPS
¦  “No Socks” Day
¦  Chasing To Much Paper
¦  Excel on the Road
¦  Cloud Computing
¦  Case Study
¦  Where in the World
¦ Opportunities

Chasing Too Much Paper?
Making the Transition to Electronic Document Management

If your company is exploring the idea of electronic document management, you may be thrilled with its promise of higher efficiency, but also intimidated — even overwhelmed — by the complexity of transitioning to such a large system.

That’s because if your company is like most, the sheer volume of the documents you process is staggering.

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Excel Tip: Excel on the Road
reprinted with permission from the HP Small Business Center

We all know Excel is a powerful application. But what about Excel Mobile? Does Excel’s functionality translate to the spreadsheet’s mobile version for use on your smartphone?

The answer is yes and no.
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Cloud Computing for Small and Midsize Businesses
reprinted with permission from the HP Small Business Center

You’ve no doubt heard a lot about cloud computing (or the cloud). What you may not have learned is how this misty concept can help with the real problems of operating your business, especially in hard times.

In short, cloud computing offers attractive options for small and midsize businesses that need critical IT upgrades, but may lack the cash for a large capital investment.

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Free Major League Soccer Tickets*You say you have never been to a soccer match? It is only the most popular sport in the world. Over one billion fans can’t be wrong. Well now is your chance to join in on the sensation. eMazzanti Technologies is offering anyone who signs up for an account between now and July 10th free Major League soccer tickets.

World famous David Beckham and the L.A. Galaxy are taking on the New York Red Bulls on July 16th in this highly anticipated match. The summer is finally here, the weather is great and this match promises to be one to remember. So call (201)-360-4400 or email us at sales @emazzanti.net to setup an appointment because this offer won’t be going into overtime!

*The first twenty firms who sign an agreement by July 10, 2009 with eMazzanti Technologies will receive four free soccer tickets to the New York Red Bulls vs. L.A. Galaxy soccer game on July 16, 2009 at Giants Stadium.

Tips for Greener Printing
reprinted with permission from the HP Small Business CenterHP wants to make maintaining an environmentally conscious workplace a reality for businesses everywhere. Adopting a more environmentally responsible workplace doesn’t mean your company has to undergo a major reorganization of its daily operations. In fact, HP has a few tips that can lessen the waste your company produces and improve energy efficiency, all the while potentially reducing your overhead costs.

Increase your printing efficiency
There are techniques that your business can employ that increase the efficiency of paper, ink and toner usage. Merely ask yourself the following before printing a document.

Summer Storms and Your UPS
(Uninterruptible Power Supply) devices and surge protectors
We hope you have have successfully weathered the summer storms. Now is a good time to check your UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) devices and surge protectors because there is a good chance they have taken some voltage hits and suffered power outages.

Larger UPS devices, otherwise known as Battery Backups, may have power indicators that tell you how much battery capacity is left. Smaller devices may not have such indicators. If they are connected to a computer, chances are good they came with some software that gathers that information. Opening the software can give you some general idea of the overall health of your UPS. Either way, you can’t always believe the lights and software; the best test of a UPS is to periodically unplug it from the wall and seeing how long the items plugged in still run.

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No Socks Day: An Excuse to Prospect?
reprinted with permission I’m always looking for a new reason to connect with a prospect that hasn’t yet responded to my emails. Clearly triggering events are the number one message to center on, but what if they haven’t responded? After 3 or 4 emails I find myself trying to establish my personality so the contact will begin to feel as if he knows me and want to reply. However, that’s hard if all I ever talk about are issues they might be facing and how I can help. It starts to sound repetitious and boring. If I don’t mix it up a bit, my email will hit the contact’s delete barrier before it’s ever opened!  Add some fun to your communications as it gets later in the email prospecting game.

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Windows Vista and eMazzanti Technologies Help Architects Be More Efficient and “Green”

Campion A. Platt, Architect PC is an architecture and interior design firm specializing in custom residential and commercial design for high-profile clients.

Its use of Windows Vista significantly improved productivity for a team of 35 architects, designers and support personnel. Several features in Windows Vista — Remote Desktop Connection, Instant Search and Shadow Copy — saved time and improved customer service while supporting the company’s “green” philosophy.

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