Legal Cyber Attack

Legal Cyber Attack Prevention and Recovery Live Webcasts Offered by eMazzanti Technologies and HSBA

NYC area legal IT security consultant and guest law firms to address both legal cyber attack prevention and steps to recover after an attack—in live webcasts

Hoboken, New Jersey – eMazzanti Technologies, a specialist in legal cybersecurity, is featured in two upcoming Hawaii State Bar Association (HSBA) webcasts. The live online sessions will present simple steps to protect client information and to restore business and client trust after an attack. Both sessions will feature Carl Mazzanti, President and Co-founder of eMazzanti Technologies, along with a guest law firm.

The HSBA is sponsoring the presentations as an opportunity for its members to earn one CLE credit for a nominal fee, but others may attend. HSBA Law Student Members may also attend the live webcast for free.

Legal Cyber Attack Prevention Webcast

The first Live Webcast entitled, “Cyber Attack Prevention: Simple Steps to Safeguard Client Information,” is scheduled Wednesday, August 4, 2021, 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. HAST. Registration for the Live Webcast is open.

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Speakers for this session are Carl Mazzanti, Owner, eMazzanti Technologies and Kerry Brian Flowers, Esq., Attorney, Flowers and O’Brien Law Firm of Hoboken, New Jersey. In general, this one-hour session will educate participants as to how a bad actor gains access, and some simple ways to mitigate those risks.

As technology progresses, law firms have a responsibility to protect client information. According to webcast materials, the natural action is to focus on how law firms avoid problems with wire fraud and Phishing scams. But the real dynamic in 2021 and beyond is the responsibility to protect client information.

Legal Cyber Attack

Legal Cyber Attack Recovery Webcast

The second Live Webcast entitled, “Cyber Attack Recovery: Simple Steps to Restore Your Business and Client Trust,” is scheduled Friday, August 6 from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. HAST.

Speakers for this session include Carl Mazzanti, Owner, eMazzanti Technologies, and Michael Borrelli, Esq., Attorney, Borrelli & Associates Law Firm, New York. This session focuses heavily on recovery and damage control efforts once the bad actor is already present and damaging the firm. The guest law firm for this session represents an organization that survived an incident and thrives.

When client information protection controls fail, it’s time to recover and pivot. In brief, this one-hour session educates participants on how to recover the firm’s systems and tarnished customer reputation after a bad actor gains access or does some real damage.

The informative sessions will include discussions of ethical obligations, why law firms are targets, how to close off attack vectors, recovery tools, insurance, and best practices.

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Partner with Legal Cybersecurity Experts

In its 20th year, eMazzanti Technologies helps law firms navigate the cybersecurity landscape to protect client information and business assets. eMazzanti encourages firms to update their cybersecurity strategies to prepare for the new paradigm in business IT.

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