Creators Update

Microsoft Packs Business-Friendly Features into Windows 10 Creators Update

From enhanced 3D creativity tools to mixed reality and improved security, the Windows 10 Creators Update extends productivity to a new dimension.

3D Creation and Sharing

With the Creators Update, Windows 10 leaps forward in 3D capabilities, providing the full arc of functionality from creation to sharing, viewing and printing.

  • Paint 3D – The 3D version of the popular Paint application allows you to create or modify 3D objects, turn 2D into 3D, and share your creations through the Remix 3D Community.
  • Windows Capture 3D – Use your smartphone’s camera to scan an object. Then, create a 3D model of the object that you can manipulate in Paint 3D. Hence, the applications for design, presentations and digital marketing are endless!
  • 3D capabilities in Edge and PowerPoint – Both the Edge browser and PowerPoint now support 3D content, with more 3D features promised for Word and Excel in near future versions.
  • View 3D – The new app currently supports .fbx and .3mf files, allowing you to view 3D objects from all angles.
  • – Microsoft has launched an online community where users can share their own creations or browse thousands of models for ideas. Designers can upload projects to Remix3D for collaboration with coworkers across the world.

Accessible Mixed Reality in Creators Update

Microsoft continues its bid to bring mixed reality into the mainstream, not only with the Microsoft Hololens, but also for third party headsets.

  • Creators UpdateWebVR support in Microsoft Edge –Edge now supports WebVR, providing access to virtual and mixed reality devices via the web browser. For example, with the ability to virtually place 3D objects from the web into your work space, you can plan the arrangement of new office furniture before you buy.
  • Windows Holographic UI on affordable headsets – Microsoft has partnered with several technology providers (including HP) to make adaptations of the HoloLens applications accessible on a range of new Windows 10 VR headsets.

Securing and Empowering Your Business

While much of the hype about Windows 10 Creators Update focuses on 3D and gaming, Microsoft has included a host of offerings in the update to appeal specifically to business users, including key advances in security and productivity.

  • Threat detection and mitigation – Enhancements to Windows Defender ATP provide your business with additional tools to define custom alerts and remediate detected threats.
  • Windows Defender Security Center – This feature provides a centralized dashboard for viewing and controlling security features, including virus protection, firewall and network protection, app and browser controls, and more.
  • Streamlined updates – Microsoft’s UUP (Unified Update Platform) allows users to download only the parts of the software Creators Update Edge Browserthat have changed since the last version, effectively reducing the update size.
  • Improved browsing – Additional Microsoft Edge enhancements include added stability, eBooks capability, and a tab preview bar that displays a visual preview of all your open tabs. Edge also now prefers HTML5 content, when available, and blocks Flash by default, thus improving security and performance.

Upgrading to Windows 10

As with all Windows 10 updates, the Creators Update will be available free to current Windows 10 users. Industry buzz anticipates a general release date in April. For those who have yet to upgrade to Windows 10, this new update provides a perfect opportunity to capitalize on improved performance, as well as new features for design and collaboration.

Upgrading to a new operating system for dozens or hundreds of users in a business environment can cost both time and money. For organizations ready to upgrade to Windows 10, eMazzanti Technologies can help them minimize the cost and potential risks and make the most of available features.

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