November 2008

November 2008
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How to Get
Repeat Customers:
7 Steps

By Jeff Wuorio – Reprinted with permission from the Microsoft Small Business Center

“Don’t be a stranger now.” You’ve surely heard that expression, a most hospitable one. But for small business owners, a returning customer is essential to survival.

For the entrepreneur, it’s important to understand how to build a base of customers who return to your business time and again. Here are seven ideas and strategies to consider,

Avoid a Data Disaster on the Road: 5 Tips
by Christopher Elliott
reprinted with permission from the Microsoft Small Business Center

Reliable information can make or break your next trip, whether it’s the ability to cultivate a business contact, ensure accurate company records or keep you safe.

In other words, your PC data is priceless. You just can’t afford to be without it.

Here are some things to consider.

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Open House Celebration

Join us in celebrating the new home of

November 5, 2008
4:00 – 9:30 PM

701 Grand Street, Hoboken, NJ  07030
Valet Parking Provided

To RSVP, please visit:

Red Bulls Autograph Session at Open House CelebrationOn November 5th two great New York Red Bulls players will attend eMazzanti Technologies Open House, sign autographs, and mix with participants. Some background on our special guests can be found  by following the link below.

Danny Cepero Chris Leitch

Should you not have already registered for the event please do so at

eMazzanti Presents Case Studies and Product Integrations for the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 LaunchDemonstrates How eMazzanti Extends the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Platform with Terminal Services and Virtualization SolutionseMazzanti Technologies - Windows Server 2008 Case StudiesHoboken, NJ, USA March 26, 2008 — eMazzanti Technologies, Technology Strategies for Business Growth, today announces its inclusion in case studies for Microsoft’s newly released Windows Server 2008. At Microsoft’s latest product launch, eMazzanti Technologies features customer case studies focused on solutions built on the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 platform. Included in these case studies are remote access solutions implemented for The Original SoupMan, Dewey Pegno & Kramarsky, Litzky Public Relations, and Server Core upgrades and Virtualization for Bergen County Camera.

“eMazzanti Technologies has a wealth of experience building out systems for business, said Jennifer Mazzanti, President of eMazzanti Technologies. “By working closely with Microsoft, we assure our customers that eMazzanti is adding maximum value to their Microsoft investment today and in the future.”

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Let Me Connect You
by Jane Cage, COO, HTS Not too long ago, the phrase “Let me connect you” would have only come from a telephone operator.Today, it’s just as likely to come to my inbox as I receive emails from colleagues, business partners, friends and relatives who want to connect to me through one of today’s electronic social networking sites. At age 52, this is a new phenomenon for me. On the other hand, teenagers are completely tuned in to this concept – they all have a Myspace or Facebook account. So, does it make sense in the business world? I decided to find out.


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Abrasive Subsidiary Smoothes-Out Operation With Windows Vista

Indasa USA is a subsidiary of Indasa SA, which manufacturers a broad line of coated abrasives for the automotive, industrial and marina markets. Indasa USA needed a compatible and reliable computing environment in which to streamline operations, document handling and communications between itself, headquarters and customers. The company turned to eMazzanti Technologies, Windows Vista and Microsoft Office Professional 2007 for a solution.

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