Erase the Target on Your Business’ Back

Carl Mazzanti is the president of eMazzanti Technologies in Hoboken.


I want to warn you: Cyberattacks are on the rise. Businesses are confronting the harsh reality that they will be targeted, not a question of ‘if,’ but ‘when.’

And it is not just a feeling of vulnerability it is supported by facts. In 2023, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center reported 800,944 complaints in 2022, with losses over $10.3 billion. Not surprising that phishing schemes were the #1 crime type, accounting for 300,497 complaints.

In the modern world, cyber criminals can easily attack through complex supply chains. Fixing vulnerabilities can seem like a never-ending task. To survive online, make it hard for hackers to access your system. Create barriers that make cybercriminals reconsider targeting your company. Think of the moat, the castle and the hills and mountains now only as digital barriers.

Locking down your systems is part of the answer, but the process is no cakewalk. Fortunately, an experienced Cyber Security provider can help you do this without breaking the bank. Ground zero is a digital security plan that protects against threats with layers of security, like a layered cake. This method customizes solutions for each device, including emails, accounting systems, and apps that help run your online business smoothly.

One basic step is multi-factor authentication (MFA), which is like the bouncer at the cyber club. Another way to confirm your identity is by using your fingerprint or entering a code from your phone. This helps ensure that only you can access your accounts. Automated email security and behavior-centric threat detection will help, by addressing the ways that Cyber Criminals try to grab money or data by pretending to be a trusted person or organization. And do not skimp on passwords — combinations like ‘1234’ or your mom’s maiden name do not cut it today. Instead, at least consider a memorable, but unique string of words – “surfboard string building,” for example.

Next, include extra protections such as firewalls or security devices that watch network traffic. These devices decide whether to allow or block movement based on security rules. These help protect against fraudulent emails and malicious attacks. They work by identifying suspicious activity and blocking potential threats. The goal is to safeguard sensitive information and prevent financial losses.

DNS (domain name security) is another useful barrier, since it can protect against malware and phishing attacks by blocking malicious domains and filtering content. This layered approach is like building a fortress for your data, so even if one system takes a hit, the others will hold strong.

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There is more. Improving cybersecurity is important to prevent attacks that can steal money and damage your organization’s reputation. It is also about meeting customers’ incentives.

Government agencies are requiring cybersecurity measures from suppliers, which may disadvantage small companies unless they can demonstrate their systems are secure. And even if you are not selling to the Department of Defense, you can benefit from a sound security framework.

Consider that just about every business needs liability insurance, for example, and that insurers are tightening their standards. Some companies need proof of meeting cybersecurity standards before they approve a new policy or renew an existing one.

Hackers, just like regular businesses, want to make money in the long run. They will keep working with customers who pay well. Once they get that first payout, it is like signing yourself up for their subscription list.

There is a Zen-like approach to Cybersecurity. — it is not just about tech: it is also about attitude. Everyone in an organization, from top executives to the most junior employee, needs to be on board and be trained in Cybersecurity awareness. The most sophisticated systems can be infiltrated with human error.  And once your system is in place, it is not a ‘set it and forget it’ scenario.

Regularly checking, fixing, and improving your business’s data security is very important, especially now with many people working remotely. Set rules for laptops and devices to meet security standards before connecting to the company’s system. Regularly check, test, and improve these rules and cyber defenses.

An experienced Cyber Security provider can examine your system for weaknesses. They can also develop training programs to maintain strong defenses and keep your staff informed. Cybercriminals are not sitting still, so to stay secure you have to evolve, too. You can start your journey to Cyber Safety by reaching out to us at [email protected]

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