Unleash Your Creativity with Microsoft’s Copilot Image Creator

The ability to generate compelling, original images using AI is changing the way we think about design and visual content. Standing at the forefront of this innovation, Microsoft’s Copilot Image Creator offers a powerful AI Copilot tool for both professionals and enthusiasts to bring their visions to life.

Image Creator opens doors for creativity, providing a space for experimentation, for letting the imagination run wild. Designers can use the platform to quickly test out ideas. Likewise, bloggers generate custom illustrations, while social media content creators use Image Creator to develop eye-catching graphics.

Getting Started with Microsoft’s Copilot Image Creator

Microsoft has worked to make image generation as simple as possible, offering a remarkably user-friendly experience. To create a unique image:

  1. In your web browser, access the Image Creator through Microsoft Designer.
  2. Log into your Microsoft account or create a free account.
  3. Click in the prompt field at the top of the screen and describe the image you want to create, using as much detail as possible.
  4. Click the Create button. Within a few moments, Image Creator generates four images interpreting your instructions. If none of the images suits you, refine your prompt and try again.
  5. Once Image Creator delivers an acceptable image, click the image. From this point, you can share the image, download it to your device, or click Customize to edit the image in Microsoft Designer.


If you need to jumpstart your creative process, Image Creator provides some help. For instance, you can click the Surprise Me button and let Copilot generate a prompt for you to help you see how to format a prompt. You can also click Explore Ideas to see AI-generated images. Hover over any image to see the associated prompt.

A Note About Boosts

The number at the right side of the prompt field indicates the number of boosts you have available. Boosts act like credits and play an important role in the image creation speed. Each image request uses one boost. Once you run out of boosts, you can still create images, but they may take minutes to generate instead of the usual 10 to 20 seconds.

Microsoft currently starts users off with 100 boosts. Additionally, you can earn more boosts by using Bing and completing tasks or exploring top stories on Microsoft platforms.

Editing Your Image

Once you have generated an image using Image Creator, you can edit your image using Microsoft Designer. Simply click the image and then click Customize to go into Designer.

Designer offers several AI tools. For instance, you can selectively erase elements such as people or buildings. You can also remove or blur the background and access traditional image editing tools to apply filters, adjust brightness and contrast, and so forth.

Beyond the basics, Designer provides a space for generating a complete design. To begin with, it includes a searchable library of templates in a wide range of themes and styles. Consider using a template as a starting point, adjusting colors and fonts to match your style. You can also add text, videos, additional images, and much more.

Tips for Success

First and foremost, improve image quality by writing good Copilot prompts. For example, instead of including a single word such as “dog,” specify the breed, setting, action, and any particular style. You might write a prompt such as “German shepherd puppy playing with a ball in a suburban yard, photorealistic.” Also, opt for clarity over ambiguity. Be specific.

Second, experiment. Play around with suggesting different styles. Examples could include impressionism, anime, photorealistic, the style of a famous artist, or a specific genre. Think outside the box.

Third, use an iterative process. Keep refining your prompt to help Image Creator perfect your images. Adjust your phrasing to add emotion or context, setting the scene.

Limitations to Keep in Mind

As with any AI tool, expect the unexpected. Microsoft continues to refine the Image Creator, but it does have some limitations. For example, AI still struggles with human faces and hands, often delivering distorted, even creepy, images. Avoiding images with multiple faces can help.

Additionally, be sure to check the spelling of any images that include text, as the image generator will not win any spelling bee. And avoid trying to create complex scenes with multiple subjects. Detailed layout requests may also yield unexpected results. As always, keep experimenting and refining!

Unlock the Possibilities with Microsoft and AI

Microsoft continues to refine and expand its production and creativity tools. To keep on top of the possibilities and discover new ways to use Microsoft to improve productivity and collaboration, consider working with an experienced Microsoft Partner like eMazzanti Technologies.

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