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eMazzanti Offers Microsoft Azure Hands-on Immersion Workshops

Hoboken, New Jersey, October 28, 2020 (Cision) – eMazzanti Technologies, a New York City area business IT consultant and Microsoft Cloud Services provider has scheduled a series of complimentary virtual Microsoft Azure hands-on workshops for modern business. Attendees will walk through a virtual tour of the Azure Portal and receive hands-on training for deploying various Azure capabilities.

Sessions of the Azure Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) are scheduled for 10:00 am EST on October 29, November 10, November 17, and December 15, 2020. Each session is 90 minutes long.

Interested parties may register for the workshops here:Microsoft Azure Hands-on Immersion Workshop Registration

“The successful modern business runs in the Microsoft Azure Cloud,” stated Jennifer Mazzanti, CEO, eMazzanti Technologies. “It provides the perfect balance of security, flexibility, and affordability.”

Azure Hands-on Immersion Workshops

Microsoft Azure assists customers in finding unique ways to modernize applications and IT infrastructures. During eMazzanti’s Azure Customer Immersion Experience (CIE), attendees will walk through a virtual tour of the Azure Portal, and receive hands-on training for how to deploy:

    • Virtual Machines
    • Windows Server Data Center
    • Availability Sets
    • Resource Groups
    • Network Security Groups
    • PowerShell
    • Azure Disk Storage
    • Web Server to deploy a simple webpage

Azure Hands-on

The current work from home paradigm has necessitated that organizations move all or part of their infrastructure to the Cloud. Hence, training in the Azure environment is in great demand.

Working with Microsoft Certified CIE Facilitators, workshop attendees get their own Azure Tennant to work through creating their environment in Azure. Then, each participant can provision the items above and learn how to deploy them. Attendees will walk away with a clear understanding of the benefits Azure can bring to their organization.

The Immersion Experience

An Immersion Experience is a facilitated hands-on session that allows participants to test-drive Microsoft devices and solutions through simulated, everyday business scenarios. During Immersion sessions, skilled facilitators walk participants through scenarios using the latest Microsoft online services.

Interested parties can attend a virtual Immersion Experience from just about anywhere. All that is required to participate is a reliable internet connection. Prior to each session, registrants receive a meeting request with instructions and a link to access a remote desktop loaded with the latest technology. On the day of the session they simply log in to join the Immersion Experience.

Azure Hands-on

Partner with eMazzanti Technologies

For 19 years, eMazzanti Technologies has been helping organizations navigate the business technology landscape to achieve their business goals. Now, with a new paradigm in business IT, eMazzanti encourages leaders to make the pivot to cloud computing now. To learn more, register for a Microsoft Azure Hands-on Immersion Workshop.

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