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Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace; Which Will Power your Teams?

The software you choose to power your teams will affect nearly every aspect of the workday, from online meetings to document creation and email. Naturally, Microsoft and Google dominate the landscape, both offering a variety of solutions for business. In the Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace (formerly G-Suites) battle, which option will deliver for you?

On the surface, Microsoft and Google offer similar options. Both provide email, word processing, spreadsheets and presentation capabilities. Both deliver the ability to connect through video conferencing and chat, to take notes and store documents. But a closer look reveals differing approaches.

Microsoft builds on decades of experience in the arena, combining mobility and collaboration options with features you depend on. Google opts for a mobile-first strategy, emphasizing simplicity. Organizations that require powerful features that connect work groups, delivering optimal productivity and accessibility, will lean toward Microsoft 365.

Feature-rich Productivity in Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace offer the same basic capabilities. With both, users can create and edit documents, design spreadsheets and build presentations. However, Microsoft 365 offers a selection of features far beyond those available in Google Docs, Sheets or Slides.

For instance, Microsoft Word and Excel provide templates, styles and chart types for nearly every conceivable situation. PowerPoint, likewise, gives users the tools they need to create and deliver professional, multimedia presentations with relative ease. The QuickStarter tool will even create a beginning outline for you, based on the topic you enter.

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Seamlessly Connecting Teams

While Google Workspace provides basic collaboration tools for meeting and messaging, Microsoft 365 clearly wins in empowering teams. In fact, the NBA has tapped into Microsoft Teams to create an innovative fan experience for basketball during COVID. But even far off the court, Teams delivers a slam dunk for workgroups.

Coworkers collaborate as easily across continents as around the corner. For instance, team members can co-edit a document in real-time, simultaneously using the Chat feature without leaving Word. Then, at the touch of a button, they can instantly transform the chat into an audio call or video conference. Online meetings can reach up to 10,000 participants.

With Microsoft Teams, a workgroup creates a customized workspace to organize related files, conversations, notes and apps. Thus, users have all the information and tools they need at their fingertips. Instead of combing through old emails, for example, they can quickly locate a pertinent discussion with up-to-date versions of related files, all in the same location.

Always Accessible

In contrast with Google’s entirely web-based applications, Microsoft 365 offers a desktop version in addition to web and mobile versions. Thus, Microsoft users benefit from the best of both worlds. The mobile workforce can work on virtually any device from anywhere. At the same time, desktop versions of the applications enable users to easily work without internet.

Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace

Let’s Talk About the Extras

In addition to the flagship applications, Microsoft 365 offers a handy selection of additional tools that users love. For instance, OneNote delivers far more than digital post-it notes. Users can organize notes into notebooks and sections for quick retrieval, adding rich text, images, highlights and even hand-written annotations.

Additional Microsoft extras include Power Apps, a tool for building and sharing low-code applications, and Publisher, for desktop publishing. Create polls or surveys with Microsoft Forms and organize tasks and workflows with Planner and Power Automate. Other apps help users better organize their time, share videos and more.

Get More Out of Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace

To get the most value out of a powerful tool like Microsoft 365, it helps to work with certified experts. As an award-winning Microsoft partner, eMazzanti will guide you through configuring and managing Microsoft 365 for maximum efficiency. And for those migrating to the cloud, we have the tools to manage that smoothly, with minimal disruptions to your workflow.

Combining cloud services, network management and IT support from eMazzanti with Microsoft 365 provides you with a winning combination. From enterprise-grade cyber security to customized managed services and solutions designed specifically for your business needs, we power your vision.

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