Cyber Security Classes

Cyber Security Classes Take Preparedness to the Next Level

Each cyber technology advancement changes the cyber threat landscape. The cloud, remote work and mobile devices have boosted collaboration and productivity. But they have also broadened the attack surface. Keeping your organization safe from attack requires combining a layered security approach with cyber security classes.

Tools such as firewalls, email filters and encryption play an essential role in cyber security. But no security strategy will succeed without engaging and empowering your best defense: your people. eMazzanti offers a library of free security workshops and other resources to help ensure that users at all levels have the training they need to keep your company secure.

Protect Against Wi-Fi Threats

Employees depend on Wi-Fi, expecting constant access. However, left unsecured, Wi-Fi offers hackers a rich environment for attack. Through a series of on-demand workshops, learn about:

Additionally, eMazzanti offers a free eBook with more information about Wi-Fi threats and how to defend against them.

Strengthen Endpoint Security

Today’s mobile workforce shatters the traditional security perimeter. Protecting your organization from a costly security breach requires finding and securing all endpoints. This can include hundreds of access points, from mobile devices to laptops and the IoT.

Effective endpoint detection and response (EDR) combines traditional anti-virus with next gen technology like threat hunting and machine learning. Learn how to close this critical security gap through a free workshop on endpoint security.

Cyber Security Classes

Build Security Awareness for All Employees

End users form a critical line of defense against cyber-attacks. Employees must understand how to recognize and guard against risks such as phishing emails and other online threats. The Cyber Security Awareness Kit includes a host of educational materials designed to arm your employees with critical information.

eMazzanti also offers a series of security awareness training modules designed to both inform users about email dangers and change employee behavior. A more security aware workforce will reduce the risk of breach while minimizing employee downtime.

Prepare for Current Cyber Threats

The cyber threat landscape evolves rapidly. Successful security plans begin with an understanding of current threats. When security teams know what types of attack to defend against, they can design appropriate prevention strategies.

Learn how to guard against ransomware and other dangers dominating the cyber landscape in 2023 with carefully curated cyber security classes and eBooks.

Understand the Best Tools and Strategies for Your Organization

The cyber security marketplace offers hundreds of products to help security teams protect their organizations. But choosing the right tools and configuring them correctly can require a steep learning curve. eMazzanti can help, with workshops covering:

  • Microsoft 365 security tools – Sign up for an upcoming free webinar. The session will deliver a high-level understanding of Microsoft 365 tools for MFA, data loss prevention, threat protection, endpoint protection, compliance management and security labels.
  • Multi-factor authentication – The hybrid workforce demands heightened security, and passwords no longer provide sufficient protection. Learn more about implementing an efficient MFA strategy to secure vital digital assets.
  • Building a security framework and achieving compliance – Security and compliance go hand in hand. Learn how to navigate the complex compliance landscape and implement effective security policies.
  • Dark web monitoring and security awareness training – Hackers market stolen user identities and credentials on the dark web, putting both individuals and businesses at risk. Learn how dark web monitoring can alert you to security breaches early and how security awareness training strengthens your defenses.
  • 10 steps to protect your organization – Effective security requires a multi-layered approach. Learn about 10 best practices to jump start your organization’s cyber security.

Cyber Security Classes

Explore Available Cyber Security Classes

The cyber security experts at eMazzanti make it their business to stay on top of the threat landscape and available security solutions. They know the dangers, and they will help your organization navigate them, beginning with a menu of cyber security classes from experts in the field.

Sign up to attend one of our regular master classes on topics such as Microsoft 365 Security or Microsoft Azure. Watch earlier sessions on demand. Or take advantage of the dozens of resources available through our Cyber Security Awareness Kit.

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