eMazzanti and ADP

eMazzanti and ADP Deliver Powerful Solutions to HR Challenges

Continuing a long tradition of developing business relationships to deliver enhanced capabilities to clients, eMazzanti and ADP have teamed up. With this arrangement, eMazzanti clients gain access to exclusive ADP resources to address growing HR and technology integration challenges.

In today’s ever-changing business climate, organizations face the demands of a hybrid workforce and increasingly complex regulations. These challenges require powerful and flexible solutions. eMazzanti and ADP deliver the experience, vision, and technology to solve business problems while supporting innovation and growth.

Scalable Solutions to Meet Now and Future Business Needs

Like eMazzanti, ADP provides options for businesses of all sizes. The cloud-based structure means that this powerful HR suite grows as you grow. Thus, all sizes of businesses, from startups to large enterprises, gain access to the solutions that can support their workforce needs.

Additionally, because no single HCM solution fits all scenarios, ADP offers more than technology. Depending on the stage of business or in situations of anticipated growth, some organizations may look at HR outsourcing models. Whereas others may only need stand-alone options.

eMazzanti and ADP

End-to-End Human Capital Management Solutions

With ADP, customers gain access to the full range of human capital management (HCM) solutions.

    • Payroll – Simplify payroll and ease your pay-related compliance worries. The module integrates seamlessly with your accounting system, allowing you to run payroll in a few easy steps.
    • Recruitment management – Attract top talent and build a stronger employer brand. ADP’s powerful recruitment tools and easy-to-use interface allow you to build a custom career site to post open positions. Seamlessly advertise positions across top job sites, then benefit from features that streamline the interview and onboarding processes.
    • Reporting and analytics – ADP’s single database design delivers visibility into analytics across your organization, from payroll and benefits to recruiting and turnover. Choose from a list of built-in reports or customize your own.
    • Workforce management – Automated time management functions improve payroll and help organizations stay in compliance with labor laws. The mobile app allows employees to clock in, view their schedules and request shift swaps from their mobile device. And integration with collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams helps reduce distractions.
    • Benefits – Simplify benefits setup with pre-built or customized options. Then provide employees with a flexible and intuitive open enrollment process, available from either their desktop or mobile devices.

eMazzanti and ADP

    • Performance and compensation management – Performance and goals dashboards allow businesses to align performance to corporate goals, while the review process allows for insight on an employee’s performance across teams. Additionally, compensation dashboards help organizations solidify their compensation strategy.
    • HR management and onboarding – Create a personalized onboarding experience for new hires. At the same time, give managers tools to reduce time spent in paperwork while increasing their ability to focus on transforming employees.

eMazzanti and ADP Customers Gain Exclusive Benefits

Because of our relationship with ADP, eMazzanti customers implement exceptional HR solutions through the technology partner they already know and trust. And combining eMazzanti’s world-class IT management services with ADP’s powerful HCM solutions gives organizations the best of both worlds.

As an ADP preferred partner, eMazzanti and ADP offer eligible customers valuable professional services to automate and simplify core HR processes. Hence, business leaders should call now to see how their organization can begin to bridge the gap between expectation and reality in HCM technology.

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