Jewelry Industry Insurance Broker Depends on eCare IT Services to Build Client Relationships

SJ International Brokers

LogoFor eight years eMazzanti Technologies has helped SJ International Brokers retain clients, grow the business, and maintain excellence in customer service by solving IT problems quickly, securing customer data, and updating technology with proactive eCare IT services.

SJ International Brokers (SJ) takes a hands-on approach to customer service for their jewelry industry clients. “It needs a very, very client-based relationship, especially when it comes to the claims process,” stated Michael Weissbrot, Vice President, technology. “We would not be able to do this without the help of our IT company, eMazzanti.”

First Call

Back in 2006, prior to working with eMazzanti, SJ’s server suffered some major problems and then stopped working. They needed a solution fast. “I called eMazzanti who sent over their techs,” related Weissbrot. “Within 24 hours I had a new server put together and functioning in my office. eMazzanti did an excellent job keeping our down time to a minimum.”

Office space is at a premium in densely populated areas such as New York City. Historically, a 1000-square foot storage room was needed to house the large volume of SJ’s customer documents. eMazzanti Technologies created a network solution that supported the digitization of SJ’s files. Reclaiming the work space reduced the need for additional expensive space as the company grew.

Anywhere Access

SJ requires access to customer data and documents while visiting with clients and on the road. “eMazzanti provides us with the technology in order to be able to have access on the go as well as storing everything and making sure it is there when necessary,” stated Weissbrot.

Value of SecurityAnytime Support

With eMazzanti’s Premium eCare service, any SJ employee may call the eCare helpline anytime for any sort of technical assistance that they need, such as setting up a printer.

“There were issues with a new printer being recognized on our server,” noted Lindsay Cruiser, Bookkeeper at SJ. “We had an eMazzanti technician who was able to get the printer up and running in no time, and we’ve had no problems with it ever since.”

“They are always very professional, very quick in getting me back up and running with my system. Everybody at eMazzanti is awesome, and the company definitely rocks!”

Data security

Because SJ specializes in the jewelry industry, the precious metals and gems handled by their clients represent a very high-value inventory. This makes the security of confidential information like client contact information and banking relationships essential.

“For us, client data and trust are even more valuable than the property, precious metals, and gems we insure,” stated Weissbrot.

“eMazzanti Technologies, in combination with WatchGuard, have been vital to us ensuring that our entire environment works properly,” stated Cruiser. “Our security is so much more improved because of this.”

Proactive eCare

As SJ’s business and network have expanded, their proactive eCare service has kept them up-to-date. eMazzanti technicians monitor reports and make improvements to their IT environment as needed.

“Over the years it’s evolved to cover us for our servers, our continuity devices, as well as keeping our entire office on the cutting edge of technology in order to best service our industry,” summarized Cruiser.

“eCare is a robust set of services that deliver security, performance, storage, and network monitoring in a single package.” Jennifer Mazzanti, President, eMazzanti Technologies

Customer: SJ International Brokers, LLC
Location: Northeast U.S.
Industry: Professional Services
Partner: eMazzanti Technologies

SJ International Brokers, LLC, located in New York City, NY specializes in all forms of insurance for the jewelry industry. Clients include some of the largest jewelers in New York City and other international venues.

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