Manufacturing Automation

Manufacturing Automation Provider Gains Productivity with eMazzanti IT Infrastructure Upgrade

Berkeley Heights, New Jersey company enjoys increased productivity and security with IT infrastructure upgrade from eMazzanti Technologies—in a new case study Hoboken, NJ (Cision) August 12, 2020 – eMazzanti Technologies, a NYC area managed services provider and IT consultant published a new manufacturing IT case study. The customer success story describes the benefits of a server, workstation and security upgrade for New Jersey manufacturing automation provider, Knotts Company. With the COVID-19 crisis, Knotts then retained eMazzanti to set up several employees to work remotely. The informative case study relates how eMazzanti first performed a complete audit of the company’s systems.

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Inc. 5000 List

Diversified Revenues Power Hoboken’s eMazzanti Technologies to 9th Appearance on Inc 5000 List

NYC area IT consultant attributes 2020 Inc 5000 List recognition to expanding cloud, retail and legal IT, digital marketing, and information governance services Hoboken, New Jersey ­- (Cision) August 12, 2020 – For the ninth time, including 8 consecutive years, Inc. magazine has ranked eMazzanti Technologies among the top fastest growing private companies in America in its annual Inc 5000 list. President and Co-founder, Carl Mazzanti attributes the achievement to continued growth in cloud services, digital marketing and the retail and legal technology segments. The launch of information governance and email consulting firm, Messaging Architects, also contributed to revenue growth.

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Wild World Of 3d Printing

The wild world of 3D printing

As you may have heard, 3D printers are going beyond the simple plastic creations we’re already familiar with. Way beyond. Scientists, engineers, doctors and creative makers are developing printers for advancements in health care, city planning and space travel. Oh, and now you can print sneakers and pizza, too. Here’s a roundup of the latest and greatest developments in the 3D printing world. Medical treatments A variety of 3D printing techniques are being used to create more customized medical care and treatment plans for patients. The FDA has approved the first 3D-printed drug: Spiritam, which controls seizures brought on by

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Digital Passwords With Biometrics

See ya later, passwords

Google has announced that by the end of this year they plan to replace digital passwords with biometrics. Their “Trust API” will monitor things like location, typing patterns, speed and voice patterns, facial recognition, and more. “We have a phone, and these phones have all these sensors in them. Why couldn’t it just know who I was, so I don’t need a password? I should just be able to work,” Dan Kaufman, head of ATAP at Google, said at the company’s I/O conference in May.1 It’s something consumers are clamoring for. According to new research, 80% of users who are

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SMB Managed Service Providers

eMazzanti Technologies Ranked Among World’s Best 101 SMB Managed Service Providers

Hoboken, New Jersey company ranks 38th worldwide in Annual SMB Managed Service Providers Hot 101 list that identifies best-in-class smaller global MSP businesses July 31, 2020 – eMazzanti Technologies, a NYC area IT services company has been named as one of the world’s best SMB managed service providers on the new annual Channel Futures SMB Hot 101 rankings for 2020. Applicants completed an exhaustive survey and application this spring to self-report product offerings, annual total and recurring revenues, profits, revenue mix, growth opportunities and company and customer demographic information. Channel Futures ranked winners on a unique methodology that weights revenue

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Change Microsoft Teams Background 1 900x400

How to Change Microsoft Teams Background

Well into the 2020 summer of work from home (WFH), we’ve become better acquainted with one of the most popular collaboration platforms, Microsoft Teams. With an easy-to-use interface and powerful video conferencing features, Teams gets the job done. To further enhance your Teams experience, let’s learn how to change Microsoft Teams background. With the best collaboration tools on the planet, Microsoft works hard to help you appear professional. So, don’t spoil the illusion with unplanned chaos or messes you didn’t have time to clean up. Avoid unnecessary embarrassment for yourself and other household members by blocking them out. Blur or

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Fno Legal Technology

Flowers and O’Brien Law Excels with Legal Technology and Strategy from eMazzanti

Hoboken, boutique firm drives competitiveness and boosts efficiency with legal technology ideas and solutions from eMazzanti Technologies—in a new case study Hoboken, NJ (Cision) July 29, 2020 – eMazzanti Technologies, a NYC area managed services provider and IT consultant has published a new case study relating milestones from the company’s 14-year technology partnership with Hoboken boutique law firm, Flowers and O’Brien. The informative case study relates how Flowers and O’Brien’s partners strategically applied legal business technology from eMazzanti to compete with larger firms since the company’s beginning in 2006. According to the study, they also represented clients more cost effectively

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Effective In The New Normal 3 900x400

How to Make Your IT Effective in the New Normal

With mounting economic pressure on every business, it’s time to allocate your technology resources wisely by deploying the right tools. Without the right systems in place, you risk inconsistent customer communication, data security breaches and significant overspending. To make your IT effective in the new normal consider these realities: In response to COVID-19, cyber-criminals stepped up their game, increasing hacking and phishing attacks dramatically. With few workers at the office, they started attacking them at home. This behavior drove corporations and email platforms to tighten up message receipt restrictiveness. Consequently, your email might not be getting through. In addition, your

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Website Improvements

Website Improvements Drive Castle Hotel & Spa Revenue Growth

Tarrytown, NY special event and destination property drives revenue growth with website improvements by Liqui-Site, an eMazzanti Technologies Company—in a new case study Hoboken, NJ (Cision) July 15, 2020 – Liqui-Site, an eMazzanti Technologies company providing custom website development services has published a new customer success story on its website. The website development case study relates how eMazzanti increased revenue growth for a prominent hospitality client. The eMazzanti Liqui-Site team implemented innovative website branding and customer interface improvements to generate the results. The informative case study features the Castle Hotel & Spa luxury resort located in Tarrytown, NY. According to

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Working Solo

Five Strategies for Winning at Working Solo

Eighty percent of all U.S. small businesses have no employees. The number of non-employee businesses is expected to grow in coming years, due in part to the expansion of the gig economy. Eighty percent of all U.S. small businesses have no employees. The number of non-employee businesses is expected to grow in coming years, due in part to the expansion of the gig economy (e.g., Uber, TaskRabbit, Thumbtack) and favorable economic conditions. Being in business with no employees means you don’t have to deal with payroll, minimum wage rules, and other employer-related responsibilities. But it doesn’t mean you are relieved of

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5 Ways to Get More from Your Managed Services Partnership

As part of your strategy to tap into the benefits of technology and protect valuable data assets, you have engaged the services of a managed services provider (MSP). You did your research, choosing an experienced provider that offers the services you need. Now, consider the following tips to help you get the most out of your managed services partnership. 1. Define Expectations Up Front From the very beginning, take time to discuss your business needs with your MSP. Better yet, involve your provider in assessing your IT infrastructure. Are there certain processes that absolutely must stay in place? What IT

How to Choose an MSP or vCTO to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Like thousands of organizations, you have decided to tap into the many benefits of managed services. But not all MSPs are created equal. You need to choose an MSP or vCTO (virtual Chief Technology Officer) that will complement your business and deliver on promises. Experience and Services to Match Your Business Requirements Before you choose an MSP/vCTO, take time to define the business problems you want to solve. For example, do you simply need a provider to take over the day-to-day IT functions for your organization? Do you need help migrating to the cloud or implementing new technology? Or do

Zero Touch Deployment: The Perfect System for Schools Facing COVID-19

Shaking hands upon introduction. Holding a menu at a restaurant. Many touches you regularly performed pre-COVID-19 now seem like an unnecessary risk. We can relate. We feel this way about traditional software deployment. In a traditional deployment, eMazzanti’s specialists work with members of the client organization to log into a device and configure all software, custom settings and security measures. We then test that all systems are go, often with the help of the end user, before moving onto the next device. While we are known for our efficiency and commitment to minimizing downtime, we recommend that clients seeking to

Leverage Managed Services and vCTO to Get More from Technology

2020 has disrupted business life in ways we could scarcely have guessed just one year ago. For example, remote work jumped years ahead in a matter of weeks, leaving organizations scrambling to keep up. Fortunately, key benefits of managed services and vCTO (virtual Chief Technology Officer) empower companies to rapidly adapt to such unexpected challenges. For instance, quickly moving processes to the cloud to accommodate remote work can severely tax traditional IT resources. Organizations that utilize managed services and/or vCTO, however, find themselves able to navigate a rapidly evolving landscape with relative ease. Managed Services and vCTO vs. Traditional IT

How do firewalls prevent computer viruses?

You’ve likely heard the word ‘firewall’ used to describe a measure of prevention against cyber criminals. But that doesn’t mean you know how a firewall actually works, does it? Don’t worry—the truth is that most people don’t how a firewall works; they just expect it to do its job. But it’s actually a lot simpler than you might think. Once you learn a little more about firewalls, you might feel more confident about installing one on your home computer, if you haven’t already. If you’re already using a firewall to prevent cyber attacks, perhaps learning more about how it works

Is password security awareness dead?

Is there ever a bad time to talk about password security awareness? With the discovery of GoldBrute and its penchant for forcing its way into some 1.5 million RDP servers, we think not. Are RDP servers not a concern for you? Perhaps the five million attempts to hack into an IP cam near you will pique your interest. Creating a strong password can protect you from more digital heartache than just about any other single security measure. This fact naturally leads to two important questions: What makes a password insecure? How can you use that knowledge to make a resilient password? What’s in a