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PCI Expertise Lands eMazzanti Technologies on VISA Global Registry of Service Providers

NYC area IT security consultant included on VISA list of professionals qualified to help merchant POS systems meet VISA-mandated requirements. 

PCI QIR Qualified IntegratorHoboken, NJ (Cision) June 7, 2016 – A New York City area retail IT consultant and managed services provider, today announced that it is one of a limited number of organizations that will be included in the VISA Global Registry of Service Providers as of June 15, 2016.

Last year, eMazzanti Technologies qualified to help retailers meet the VISA-mandated requirement that merchants use only PCI validated qualified integrator and reseller (QIR) professionals to install and service their integrated point of sale (POS) systems. Consequently, eMazzanti has been listed on the PCI SSC QIR professional directory since its inception, but VISA is compiling and promoting its own list of PCI-certified QIR professionals.

“Merchants who work with eMazzanti should know that the company is one of the first to be QIR certified,” stated Jennifer Mazzanti, President, eMazzanti Technologies. “Being listed on the VISA Global Registry of Service Providers further validates eMazzanti’s credentials as providing only the highest quality POS application and terminal services.”

“VISA is extremely supportive of the efforts of Qualified Integrator and Resellers and is promoting the program to merchants,” stated a VISA notification to eMazzanti dated May 27, 2016.  “As such, we want to promote your company as a QIR to merchants and others in the payment ecosystem and help them find you on the VISA Global Registry of Service Providers.”

The VISA Global Registry of Service Providers

Below is information about the VISA Global Registry of Service Providers, summarized from the VISA registry website.

  • The Registry allows service providers to broadcast their compliance with VISA rules and industry security standards and to promote their services to potential clients worldwide.
  • Clients and Merchants should reference the site regularly as part of their due diligence process, and should only use service providers that are listed on the Registry for outsourcing their payment-related services.
  • Clients must register all service providers with VISA prior to use of their services even if the service provider is already listed on the Registry.

The VISA Registry contains service provider information such as company name and website, regions of operation, types of services offered and security requirement compliance validation dates.

VISA QIR Requirements

In a security bulletin dated October 29, 2015, VISA advised merchants and their agents that “merchants remain targets of hackers who are attempting to compromise payment data” by exploiting errors in network configuration, weak password protection and inadequate remote access security.

To reduce the risk of merchant security breaches and more tightly secure the payment system, VISA now requires “all newly boarded Level 4 merchants to use only Payment Card Industry (PCI)-certified QIR professionals for servicing their POS terminals and applications.”

As of January 31, 2017, acquirers must also require all existing Level 4 merchants to use PCI QIR certified professionals. Level 4 merchants are owner-operated locations of franchise or corporate organizations.

The PCI QIR Program

The QIR program was instituted in late 2012 to strengthen point-of-sale security following a string of merchant POS breaches. The QIR Program targets one of the weakest security points in the payments chain, the point of sale.

To earn the QIR qualification in 2015, eMazzanti Technologies technicians received specialized training on the secure installation and maintenance of validated merchant payment systems with an emphasis on strengthening their clients’ PCI DSS compliance.

eMazzanti was one of the first of only 205 companies worldwide to be certified as a PCI Qualified Integrator under the rigorous certification standards of the PCI Security Standards Council Qualified Integrators and Resellers (QIR) program.

As a PCI Security Standards Council Participating Organization, eMazzanti Technologies continues to work to improve payment data security worldwide through the advancement of PCI Security Standards.

Single-source Retail Technology

With an extensive catalog of retail payment technology services and capabilities, eMazzanti Technologies is the single-source technology partner that retailers rely on for POS systems, PCI compliance and full merchant services. eMazzanti’s experienced engineers oversee EMV Chip and Pin technology migrations, network monitoring and management and comprehensive data security.

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