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4 SEO Tips to Optimize Your Website

SEO tips from Gizer Gedik

Back when young boys hawked newspapers on the street, writers fought to have their articles appear “above the fold.” Today, websites reach for a coveted spot on the first page of search results. Search engine optimization (SEO) continues to evolve as search algorithms become more sophisticated. These SEO tips will help maximize your digital presence.

1. Generate Unique, Authoritative Content

As search engine algorithms grow in sophistication, they give preference to quality content. This evolution presents a challenge for digital marketers who simply want to boost numbers. On the other hand, it means that companies can, and should, focus on creating real value for their customers. Write for the reader, not the search engine.

To write for your audience, you need to first know your target audience and what they want. Know their questions and provide answers. Present useful, unique information, rather than simply copying text from another site or stuffing a post full of keywords. Absolutely use well-researched keywords, but incorporate them in organic ways that read well.

When you present quality content, your readers will spend time on your site. This boosts your page, as Google looks closely at dwell time. When readers begin to look to your site for authoritative content, they will go there more frequently, spend more time and click on more links. And you will move higher up in the search rankings.


2. Make Visual a Priority

To complement great written content, include great images and video. Exceptional visuals enhance the user experience. In addition, YouTube has cemented its place as the number two search engine, behind Google. Keep in mind these SEO tips specific to visuals:

  • Use original photos where possible – Avoid using stock photos. Candid photos of real people doing real things resonate with readers.
  • Use descriptive alt text – Alt text is the text used for visually impaired readers or displayed when the image itself cannot load. Describe the image as specifically as possible in less than 125 characters. Use your target keyword if possible, but avoid the temptation to keyword stuff the alt text.
  • Add relevant captions – Users in a hurry typically scan headlines, images and captions to determine a page’s value. Give captions that add value to the text.
  • Find the sweet spot of image quality and size – Fuzzy, low resolution images or videos do more damage than no visuals at all. On the other hand, huge image files will reduce site speed and usability. Find a balance.

3. Emphasize Mobile First

Simply put, you cannot afford to ignore mobile. Roughly 60 percent of searches come from mobile devices. In fact, Google has indicated that it will begin to consider the mobile version of your website the preferred version. Present consistent content across both the desktop and mobile versions of your website. Then test and re-test to ensure a user-friendly experience.


4. Build Quality Links

Search engines like to see that other websites link back to yours. But those links have to be legitimate. In fact, Google will drop your website in search rankings if it sees evidence of links from untrustworthy sites. You could spend months becoming an expert on link-building. But in the short term, a few hints will get you started.

Start building relationships with other content providers in your industry. Look for opportunities to guest blog on their sites, and provide links back to them in return. Comment on other blogs and forums. And above all, provide great content that others will want to link to and share.

Let Us Focus on SEO Tips While You Do Business

Having a working knowledge of SEO can boost your marketing efforts. At the same time, you have a core business to run and customers that need your attention. Tap into the expertise of our website design team to implement these SEO tips and develop a powerful online presence.

Gizer Gedik works as a marketing associate for eMazzanti, focusing on graphic design and web development. Hailing from Turkey, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and is working toward a master’s degree in Marketing.

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